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Öljung year 71-74, Generation 4

Previously at Öljung, Simon came home from Uni and started a career in the Paranormal field. His girlfriend Annika, who is also his father's lover, moved in. Said father, Cristopher, grew old and continued his pursuit of 20 lovers. Unfortunately he got caught cheating, but not by his wife Thea.  Thea grew up very well to elder and spent her time earning money by offering financial advice over the internet.

Annika Lind is trying to find a job in Athletics, while her boyfriend Simon is working on his Body skill.


All is calm at Öljung with two adults that are mostly in platinum from woohoo and skilling, and two elders, one permaplat and one woohoo-plat.

Annika has a nature hobby and in the morning she takes her mother-in-law Thea hiking. In the meantime, her father-in-law Christopher grabs the opportunity to flirt with the maid. She’s not too hard to get.

When Annika and Thea are back they're satisfied. They even found an Itsy Bitsy Spider! 


When Katarina, which is the maid’s name, is off her shift, Christopher invites her on a date to the dance studio.
Unfortunately he’s moving a bit too fast. She’s of Family aspiration and tries to hold on to her Good Girl Image for a while.

He knows what she wants, but puts on an act of charades to please her. He is a professional charmer after all...

Christopher! RED ALERT! Thea just walked in the door!

Phew! He manages to end the date without being discovered. Thea is here to play with the synthesizer it seems. Christopher takes his car back home.

Look! Annika is pregnant!

This is generation 4 if all ends well. Now, go to bed.

Simon, the father-to-be comes home promoted to Exorcist and can continue his skilling.


In the evening, Thea manages to set her nylon underwear on fire. Annika and Christopher are freaking out!
Luckily the hot fire fighter Marita Silfver arrives in time.


Christopher goes on a second date with Katarina. He didn’t score with her the last time, since the date had to be cut short. He charms her into falling in love with him this time.

Now Katarina wants to get engaged to Christopher, poor girl. I’m sorry love, but you’re yesterday’s news now!

Amazingly enough it seems as Christopher had some time to do other things than wooing women. He earns a plaque in Music&Dance. 1p!


Back home, Christopher’s son Simon works on his own quest, to max all skills. The second to last one is his body skill. Way to go Simon!

Tonight the baby is due, and Annika takes care of her first harvest at Öljung while waiting.

Simon descends from two lines of original families - the Myhrs and the Mattssons. His grand-mother Lena and his grand-father Dan were both CAS adults and ended up married. Thea, Simon's mother, is the first born baby in Mattsmyra. Simon has a twin brother, Noel, who  lives on his own, romancing like their father Christopher, who's a dormie.
Annika is the daughter of second born baby Georg, son of CAS elder Hans Lind. Georg married Allegra, his college sweetheart, and had Annika and her brother David, who is in Uni.


Like so many times before, Annika’s contractions start in the bathroom. The grandfather-to-be is disturbed in his attempts to have a shower.

This must be too good to be true! On the 11th of June ’73, a baby girl is born at 5.41 PM. She gets Common name no 25 – Cecilia. Since her parents aren’t married her last name is Lind, thus, Cecilia Lind.

I will explain why the random naming system of Mattsmyra ended up with the best name possible for this girl: 

One of the most famous and beloved Swedish song ever is “The ballad about Mr Fredrik Åkare and the sweet Miss Cecilia Lind”

(you get a rough translation if you expand the text with the clip. The translation is more free than accurate, but it gives you an idea)

In addition to this, this very special little girl is the start of Generation 4!

Her Farmor and Farfar live a good life together, since Thea still hasn’t found out what Christopher does behind her back.  To celebrate their grand-daughter's birth, they have a juggling session one early Thursday morning.


Annika invites her parents to let them meet little Cecilia. Mormor Allegra seems to get a special connection to the child.
Before we know it, it’s Cecilia’s birthday. Mormor, Morfar and Farfar are here, and also Annika’s good friend Rut Mattsson.

Hmm… Sebastian was also invited. Annika has three bolts for him, but didn’t act on it. Just as well, he just can’t keep his hands off of Rut Mattsson, who’s 14 by now, even if she looks like she’s legal.

Cecilia: “Mamma, what are they doing?”
Annika: “You don’t want to know”

Just when the police arrive to break up the toddler birthday party, Thea arrives home from her Criminal Mastermind job. Tonight she earned the last few simoleons needed to reach 100.000 §, thus fulfilling her Impossible Want! 3p!

Now she’ll retire, at an age of 60.

Öljung after round 20:
Thea Bardh
Christopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Annika Lind
Cecilia Lind


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