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Storfallet year 71-74, The Grocery Store

Previously at Storfallet, Robin wrote many lousy books. The home gym reached level 10 and got closed to prevent the flu from spreading. Britta worked in her green house and got promoted to the top of the Natural Science career, earning a negative bonus. Despite that she reached her IW of earning 100.000§. Kerstin and Konrad were working in their respective careers and Kerstin also wrote books.


Britta Logren, born Persson, buys her first community lot, which is a grocery store.

She’ll have to wait to go there for a while, the household is still sick since they had a home gym.


Her husband Robin finalizes his book on himself and waits for the sales figures.
The new book is finally a success! Robin has written many books, but when he started writing about himself, he succeeded.

Kerstin comes home promoted to Smuggler. She is the live-in-girlfriend and fiancée of Konrad Platz, who just lost 50.000§ by painting a fresk for a mafia family (chance card). I thought the mafia lived in this house. Both Kerstin and Robin are working in Crime.

The childhood friends Konrad and Britta grows up very well to elders at the same time. Konrad has an audience in Boris, frequent guest at Österås, while Britta chooses the solitude of the second floor.

Britta celebrates her birthday by opening her grocery store. She has some experience with sales, but not with register, so Sofie gets a bit impatient.
But eventually Britta gets the machine open and can cash in her very first simoleon in her new store!

She even gets a good review the very first night!

Leif Hartwig, the other big business man of Mattsmyra, is however not impressed. Well, it took a while for you too, Leif!
I just realized that Britta looks a lot like Leif’s wife Maja nowadays. She’ll need a make-over when we come home!

But first – Andrea Holk brings the business to level 1!

Back home, Caroline Johansson, Livia’s daughter, comes by to see her father. They actually never met in all her life. I guess she started thinking about her origin when she became pregnant.

Even though Robin married Britta (Persson) a long time ago, his only child is Caroline, whos mother is Livia Johansson of Korskrogen. I actually can't remember if Caroline was conceived before or after he married Britta.

Britta employed a local boy named Zeeshan, obviously a new-comer in Mattsmyra, and she puts him to work with sales. The store reaches level 2 in the process. The boy apparently has a certain charm.


Day 3 in the shop is a bit shaky. The level goes up and down, but eventually stays at 3.
Day 4 brings level 4. It seems that Zeeshan is a real asset to the business! Go Zeeshan! 

Robin becomes a Courier, and at the same time reaches his Impossible Want to earn 100.000§! 3p!


Kerstin finishes her book, and it’s a bestseller too!
Now she wants to quit her job to write fulltime, but then she’ll never reach her LTW. When that is finished, then you can quit, ok?

To conclude this update – Konrad gets promoted to Conceptual Artist, and looks very mystic and eccentrical when arriving home in sunglasses in the dark.

Storfallet after round 20:
Britta Logren
Robin Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm


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