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Vallsta year 71-74, Silver Lightning

Previously at Vallsta, our careerists Jonas Carlzon and Christel Garpheden worked and worked and didn't even date. Jonas was glad that Stella Mattsson died.

Jonas and Christel are off work for the weekend. The days are out of sync here att Vallsta.

Jonas gets up early and starts autonomously to give financial advice over the internet. He’s still way behind his fiancée in earnings, having reached only 50.000§ total.

Then he goes on an outing to the gym with his best friend Theresa (I don’t think anyone else in Mattsmyra knows her, I had to check her name before I could tell, since I didn’t recognize her).
They really are only best friends, nothing more. She doesn’t appreciate him bragging about his career though!

After the OK outing he works out a bit by himself before heading home.

Christel is spending her Saturday working on her junk car instead, enjoying the nice spring weather.
By nightfall it started raining, but Christel still works on her car. She ends up maxing he mechanical skill in the process.


Sunday it’s time for spray painting the piece of junk
And all of a sudden, it’s not a piece of junk anymore, but a sports car you could name Silver Lightning!


Monday, it’s back to work. Christel has no luck and gets fired due to a bad chance card. Her client didn’t like that she was counter sueing another lawyer for misconduct. Jonas has better luck and gets promoted to CEO.

Then Christel grows up very well to elder, and the hope of becoming the Law is out. Also, there will be no kids in this house. However, there are non-heirs in many houses, and they all need some place to live after college. Christel and Jonas knows some of them and would gladly let one move in.

For her birthday dinner, Christel only invites her friend Maja Hartwig and they have pork chops. Jonas and Christel celebrated with some basketball, too, that’s why they have dinner in their track suits.

Jonas gets promoted to Vice President and looks unaffected as usual.

A lot of games are played at Vallsta. The Hartwigs are enjoying a day at the bowling lane in Christel and Jonas’ backyard.
They're here because it's Jonas' birthday!


He comes home just in time for his birthday. And now he looks exactly like Simon Montell. We need a make-over here!
But that will have to wait until next time, because now our time is up!

Vallsta after round 20:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon


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