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Sörby year 71-74, Bad Doggie

Previously at Sörbo, the kids were playing with their friends, both snow fights and model trains. Louise grew up to a Popularity teen. Gerd started her LTW of raising 20 puppies or kittens by adopting another puppy from the pound. Jerry worked on his body skill and bragged about his children. Alfa grew up to an adult dog who hates the school bus. Ingeborg was hardly seen.

Ingeborg starts off the round with a promotion to Commander.


She’s climbing the Military ranks now


Jerry watches his daughters play a game of chess. It’s Gerd’s last day at home, she will go to Uni tomorrow.
She’s got a small amount of scolarships, for grades and logic.

And then she’s moving out. We’ll see her in Uni up to and including her Junior year this round.


In the afternoon, Aron comes home with top grades. He finds, while watching the weather channel, that Science is his preferred hobby. Should we expect a future abduction for him?


Alfa is an aggressive dog, and chases the poor mailwoman Dagmar around the yard. Benny is just about to grow up! I guess his growing up will not count towards Gerd’s LTW, now when she doesn’t live here anymore.

Ingeborg comes home, promoted to astronaut, thanks to her turning down a thumb wrestling game. Monica Svensson comes with her home from work.


Somewhere along the line, Louise became bisexual, and now flirts shyly with My Montell, who recently moved to Uni. The age difference between the two is actually only four years.

The relation between Louise and My develops over time and they become best friends.

Some things stay the same, though. Alfa is still an agressive dog, and hates the delivery truck as much as she hates the school bus.


Nobody cares about Alfa’s feelings tonight, because it’s the boys’ birthday! Adam goes first.

He chooses the Pleasure aspiration and turns on from fatness and glasses, but turns off from swimsuits. His LTW is to become a Game designer – yay, a new one! ACR decides that he’s straight.


Aron goes next. Goodbye yellow shirt!

Aron chooses Fortune. It has been a while since we had one of those! He turns on from hats and sporty sims, but turns off from blonds. His LTW is to earn 100.000§, and ACR decides that he’s bisexual, just like his sister Louise.

And there we end the update from Sörbo, with the Family tree. Ingeborg is the youngest daughter of Magnus and Kim Berg. Her sisters are Susanne Mellberg of Roteberg and half-sister Maria Ceder of Tallåsen. Jerry is a grown up townie teen who was invited to Uni by Ingeborg.
Together they have four kids, Gerd, who's in Uni, and Louise, Aron and Adam still living at home.

Sörbo after round 20:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Louise Wern
Adam Wern
Aron Wern
Alfa, the foxhound
Benny, the collie


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