jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Roteberg, Thursday - Sunday

Well, well, it seems like Kim has gotten herself pregnant. Will there be a second birth in Mattsmyra during round 3? 

Unfortunately it seems not. All of a sudden, Kim gets cramps in her belly, and then a large bleeding, and the foetus is gone. Kim had a miscarriage.

Despite the fact that Kim is still not well after her miscarriage, she gets promoted to free lancing web designer.

Magnus takes care of his distressed wife. She’s starting to feel better again. 

Maguns is exhausted as usual when coming home from work. Today he got promoted to party-DJ!

Hugo is now 67 years old, and he finds no joy in anything but drinking. He has been a widower now for five years, but he never really came over the loss of Berit and the few years they had together.

Early Sunday morning Kim starts to feel the well known nausea again. Will this pregnancy end happier than the last time?

Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 3:
Hugo Berg
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Maria Berg

Tags: roteberg

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