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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 71-74, Double Headmaster

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Elin maxed her Logic skill and grew up to a Knowledge teen, continuing her skilling. Tessa and Elmer were skilling for their respective careers and nothing else happenend.

Engla Ramirez comes home to Strandbrynsvägen 407 with her intended Hugo Mattsson.

They will live here with her parents Tessa (Ramirez) and Elmer Tång. Engla’s alien sister Elin lives here, too.

Upon arrival, Hugo gets the information that he inherited some money from his parents, who recently passed away.

With daylight, the young couple goes shopping for some special stuff, and seals the deal that they have had going for a very long time.

Elmer, Engla’s father, gets promoted to SWAT team leader when he arrives home just in time for his eldest daughter’s wedding.

The guests are already gathering around the champagne.


Engla honours her Latin heritage and looks like a flamenco dancer under the arch. The decorations for the wedding are mainly pink, just because it looked good in the late spring surroundings.
And on May 30th '71, Hugo Mattsson and Engla Ramirez ties the knot and become Mr and Mrs Mattsson.

Tessa missed the whole thing, since she was asleep. When she woke up she realized she had turned into an old woman. How could you sleep through your only child's wedding, Tessa?!

Outside the party’s going on. In the center of attention is Elin in her green (!) dress.

And after the honeymoon, we see a new generation 4 on the horizon. Elin is dealing with her homework, as usual when she’s not studying something else.

Hugo’s Professional life is off for a good start when he gets promoted to Science Teacher already on his first day.

The promotions are pouring in today – Tessa reached her LTW by being promoted to Cheif of Staff, at age 55, (2p) while Elmer is promoted to Police Chief.
Tessa’s new LTW is to earn 100.000§. I think she’ll be there soon, but it doesn’t matter because it’ll give us no points, and she is already permaplat.


In the evening, Elin invites the headmaster BJ Rudengren, since she wants to attend Private School. The try-outs are successful, and she is accepted. Then, while saving, my game crashed, so we’ll see if the result sticks.

It didn’t, so we had to do it again, with better results! Elin’s perfect salmon was apparently better than Elmer’s burnt pork chops.

The two visits of the headmaster is too much for Engla, who gets early cramps.
It was a close call, and anxiously she goes to bed immediately.


Next day, when everybody else is off to work and school, the real labour pains start. Here comes baby!
At 10.58 am, the 28th of June ’74, a baby girl (what else?!) is born. She gets Common name no 78 – Lovisa, and looks like every other Mattsson girl in the hood.

Then Engla heads off for her first day of work in the SCIA and Hugo comes home promoted to Project Manager. Since it’s crazy weather, the fire squad is here for the third time in 24 hours for garden fires caused by lightning.


Then it’s Elmer’s turn to reach the top, and his LTW at that! 2p. His next LTW is to become the Education Minister. If it’s not on the computer right now it will be too late!
No Education jobs available, so Elmer will keep his Captain Hero job until he retires. If he wants to.

A moment later, Elmer grows up very well to a young-looking elder. Probably it is thanks to him being very fit, which is required in his line of work.

And the last thing happening is Engla coming home promoted to rookie Field Agent. Congratulations!

Strandbrynsvägen 407 after round 20:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla (Ramirez) Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson
Elin Tång
Lovisa Mattsson


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