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Runemo year 71-74, Double Babies

Previously at Runemo, Robin the cat misbehaved. We had a gypsy  lamp glitch why Märta asked for beauty and fixed up her own dates. She also applied for the Garden Club and got in, but didn't receive any wishing well. Barbro got pregnant and Annika maxed her mechanical skill at the activity table. Finally the maid quit due to lack of payment.

4 AM Barbro (Montell) Sandvall wakes up from labour pains.


It’s time for the next baby of this round.


Oh joy. It's twins.
On May 2nd ’71 at 5.02 AM, two boys are born. It seems the only way to get boys are like twins. They get Common names no 96 and 87 – Oliver and Pontus.

Life immediately returns to normal, and Annika comes home with a good report card.

Märta and David are found where they usually are, at the chess table. Märta will join her cousin My Montell in Uni this round. They are only one month apart in age and they will have a blast in Uni, romancing their way through and not even competing, since My is gay.

Then the girls are off to school, and Grim comes to collect Robin the cat. Just as well, noone has any time for a pet in this house anyway. J68 is a cold hearted sim godess :)

And then Märta comes home with an A+ report card, the first in her life! She has been working hard the last few years, and not even had many wishes for boys or dating. She really wants to go to Uni.

That night there is even more cause for celebration. Oliver and Pontus are growing up to toddlers!
Pappa David helps Oliver to blow out his candles, and Märta takes care of Pontus.


Pontus grows up and reveals that he is an extremely outgoing and very nice Libra
While his brother Oliver is an Aries with a balanced personality.

Märta, Barbro and Annika have dinner together. It’s Annika’s birthday, so soon the guests will arrive. And after the party, Märta will move away to Uni.


Annika blows out the candles and makes a wish…

… for a family life with a man or woman wearing hats and perfume, as long as they’re not brown haired. She wishes for lots and 6 kids to marry off – weddings are wonderful! :/ By the way, may I recommend a man for marriage in that case...

Then Märta is off to Uni. She got scolarships for Dance, Logic and good grades. See you at the dorm with your cousin!

And since there is now room in the house, and since both Annika and Barbro wish for a new kitten, Annika orders an adoption. She chooses a male kitten named Cosmos.

Barbro goes back to work after the birth of the boys, and immediately gets promoted to Scatmaster. If that can be considered a promotion.

And we end this update with David, working with Oliver to teach him a nursery rhyme.

Runemo after round 20:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Annika Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Cosmos, the kitten


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