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University year 71-74

Previously year 68
Previously year 69-70

David Lind, Popularity sim with an LTW to become General, arrives with his father Georg to the dorms.


Georg got his degree here too, the first Mattsmyrian to attend Uni (together with Thea (Mattsson) Bardh)

He is easily accepted by the graduating group in the Mattsmyra Greek House and moves in there while all the others move out. A Popularity sim, alone in the Greek House, that just won’t do! David wishes for his childhood friend Anita to come to uni.

She does come to Uni, but she refuses to become a member in the Greek House.

Anita: “No thank you, your Greek House has too few friends”
David/j68: :o

I absolutely thought she would accept, they are BFF’s since forever. OK, we’ll have to do this the other way around.

Back at the dorms, Anita calls David to apply for a membership in his Greek House.
Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it? As soon as he arrived, David accepted Anita as a member. Of course, they are BFF’s as I said before.

So Anita moves in, and immediately takes control of the Greek House. She lectures David for breaking the computer.

Even though they live in the same house, Anita and David are not romantically involved. They do have one bolt, but they have two with others. On David’s part it’s Vera Johansson
And for Anita it’s Michael Dalton. I think he’s Simerican.

It doesn’t stop the two room-mates from ending up in bed together, though...

And thus ends year 71, with David Lind and Anita Jernelid, finishing their freshman year SCL in History and Drama respectively.

Year 72

Gerd Berg arrives to the Markövertag dorm accompanied by her mother Ingeborg. She has a Family aspiration and wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. Is that possible to work on while in Uni? We’ll see.


Gerd chooses a Literature Major and pledges to the Greek House. After the second try she’s accepted.
The first order of business when Gerd arrives to the Greek House is to cook a large batch of Comfort Soup, to stop the flu from spreading over Campus.
J68 planned to hook Gerd and David up, but they have crossed out bolts for each other, so that just won’t happen.

Instead, Gerd has found out that the guy she dated as a teen is actually three bolts hot. His name is Richard Cormier, but I can bet he’s not related to Ricky Cormier.


When you meet your soul mate, everything moves quickly. Gerd gets her first kiss from Richard that night.
Apparently it was a mutual attraction. Richard invites Gerd to a date, and upon arrival they fall madly in love with each other.


They have a wonderful dinner together, and by dessert they both wish to be engaged.

And that night, Gerd asks Richard to marry her. He gladly accepts, but it has to wait until she finishes Uni, many, many days from now. Anyway, what does 3½ years matter compared to a whole life?!

Richard’s beautiful green eyes are glimmering in the blue winter’s night. (Actually he reminds me a lot about David, why couldn't she have wanted him instead?)

Back at the Greek House there's a Toga Party. Noone wears a toga. Something happened between Noel and someone else, didn’t see who, and Vera was very upset!

The adults who just left Uni, fall easily back into the roles they had in school when invited back to the Greek House.


Year 73

This Uni round is the slowest in a very long time. The kids are just studying and hang out with each other. Not much drama at all. Probably it’s due to the lack of Romancers, and that they are only three so far. I guess life will spice up when Romance cousins Märta and My arrive in ’74.


Gerd maxes her Logic skill by playing chess wirh Tony in her PJ’s. I don’t know why the kids always use PJ’s instead of togas when it’s a toga party.
They become very good friends… Gerd! You are a Family sim, engaged to be married! And with Tony, the Uni man whore, yikes :/

Now I start to recognize Helsinge Nation (Mattsmyra Greek House)! Toga party including a fight! It’s Greek House member Christa Ceder against the Cow mascot Hedvig Sintring. Anita, our third resident, even wears a toga!

At the end of ’73, we have three inhabitants at Helsinge Nation.

Gerd Berg – Literature Junior – SCL
David Lind – History Senior – SCL
Anita Jernelid – Drama Senior – SCL


Year 74 – The Dorms

My Montell arrives with her father Simon. She changes her hair upon arrival, but I think we’ll change it back, to be sure to recognize her. She gets an outfit that is worthy of the colourful My.

Her cousin Märta Sandvall arrives on her own, and gets some clothes that really fit her personality, feminine yet slutty seductive.

First action, before she even claims a room, is to booty call her teenage lover Arvid and woohoo him in the hot tub. That’s woohoo no 1...

When she’s back from her first lecture, Märta pledges with Helsinge Nation and is accepted. She’s BFF with Gerd, and have no problems to get along with David and Anita.

Then the cousins, exactly one month apart in age, spend some time playing kickyball. My took back her teen hair.

Then My is deciding on her Major – Literature, to help her write lyrics to her songs. Her LTW is to become a Rock God

Then she pledges with Helsinge Nation and is accepted. Now Märta and My will pack up their stuff and move to the Greek House.

Greek House year 74

Upon arrival to the Greek House, Märta immediately throws a Toga Party and starts to get to know everybody. Lars-Erik Knutsson and Christa Ceder are longterm members of Helsinge Nation, but they don’t live in the house.

My starts her Greek House living by reconnecting with Tilda Sax, one of her romantic interests from her teens.

Anita is bonding with Rut Mattsson, and they become best friends. I’m pretty sure Rut will be a Big Sim on Campus when we get back to her.


After her finals of her first semester, Märta has decided that she wants to go for a Psychology Major. She has known since she set foot on campus that she did NOT want Economics, but that has been it.

The Romance cousins behave very well in Uni I must say. Studying and keeping up with their assignments. Hardly any scandals at all


My succeeds in setting the stove on fire just before class. She freaks out instead of going to class. And so does Gerd, who’s about to miss her finals. They DO have an alarm, but the fire squad doesn’t come. Probably since the driveway is filled with vehicles. The gardener, the repairman and the maid are all here.

Finally, after the gardener left, the fire department had room to drive in and the fire can be put out. The stove and one counter were casualties in the incident. Gerd managed to get to her finals in time, too.


It took almost a year, but Märta landed her woohoo no 2 in the hottub – Greek House hang around Lars-Erik Knutsson.

Then it’s Tony’s turn. He’s Märta’s number 3. I don’t even know how many Mattsmyra girls he woohooed by now. I think he needs to be made playable at some point, or we’ll have to rename him Dorian Gray.

My is not as agressive as her cousin. She’s courting a nice girl named Sofia, who is a long term Greek House member, too. Since she’s gay like My she hasn’t been around as much as Tony. At least not with the Mattsmyra kids.

The week of finals approaches, and someone dragged the flu into the house. Gerd made a large batch of Comfort soup and Helsinge Nation cures themselves simultaneously. Märta’s finals are in an hour, and the rest will follow. David and Anita will gradute!

My celebrates her SCL (so far) by woohooing Antonia in the hottub. Winter is approaching at Campus, so soon we’ll have to put the hottub away.


David graduates SCL in History. 1p!

And he leaves campus for good to move back to his parents’ house Letsbo in Mattsmyra and start a career in the Military field.

 He’s in love with Anita Jernelid, his childhood friend, and also Vera Johansson of Österås. They were both invited (well Anita lives here) to the graduation party to give me an indication what he wants for the future. Sadly the camera missed it, but it was none of them he chose for his graduation picture – that one he took with Gerd Berg, who was his intended (by me) before he fell in love with Anita. We’ll see what happens in the future...


Anita also graduates SCL, in Drama. She looks a bit anxious, since we don’t have a firm plan for her future. Let’s see who she chooses for her graduation picture...
Well, she chooses David. She invited her other lover, Michael Dalton to her party, but he never showed up. Anyway, she’ll move back to Mattsmyra and start looking for a job in the Entertainment business.

Left in the Greek House after year 74 are

Gerd Berg, Family, Literature SCL Senior
My Montell, Romance, Literature SCL Sophomore
Märta Sandvall, Romance, Psychology SCL Sophomore

And that was it for these four years


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  • Stefan (Steve) Vestlund

    Stefan was born Steve and was invited to become a generation 3 room mate to Natalie Burlin. H e's got red hair and green eyes with a light skin…

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