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Svedja year 71-74, Family Love

Previously at Svedja, Anna got pregnant and gave birth to a girl, Siri. The boys played with the Wern twins who are the same age.

The house of Svedja, the Tönblad residence, is short of money but full of love.


Allan and Anna spend all their time with their kids Oscar, Wilhelm and little Siri.

Soon their money problems might be over. Allan got promoted to Surgeon. Anna is always happy to be home, and she’s bringing her sister Barbro with her. Love Carlsson is passing by, maybe to play with the boys.

The family dinners look a bit strange in this house where they have only bar stools at the counters and no proper dinner table. They eat properly home made pork chops though, and nearly always eat together.

Family oriented aunt Barbro takes the opportunity to connect a bit with baby Siri, who’s got the eyes of her mother and the hair of her father and looks a lot like her brother Wilhelm. Brother Oscar has the brown eyes of the children’s grand-father Jesper Montell.

When Oscar brought Melissa home, I thought ”Yes! A match!” and then “No! She’s his cousin!” Melissa is the daughter of Anna’s brother Martin.

The Törnblad kids have 10 cousins by now.

You have seen this so many times, but it's fun to see the tree grow. At least I think so..


Baby party!

Random townie teens Måns and Louise interfered in the picture. Just as well. Siri’s clothes and hair are both terrible. The only thing beautiful in this picture is the fatherly love Allan gives his daughter.


Wednesday is Anna’s day off, and she takes the opportunity to do some shopping.

Siri doesn’t particularly like her new style. She just wants to go to bed. NOW! I forgot to tell you, but Siri is a very neat and extremely active Cancer.

Since both Allan and Anna wished for a pet at the same time, Allan adopted Falco, and elder Highland Terrier from the pound. It’s a waste to adopt a puppy when there are people in the hood who wants to raise 20 of them...

Then – Birthday!
Wilhelm doesn’t look happy at all, and Oscar looks mostly surprised.

Oscar rolls the Popularity aspiration. He grows up very well and finds that he’s gay. Maybe he realizes when he sees Rolf’s finely chiseled cheekbones and lily white skin.

Anyway, he better get some new clothes and lose some weight to be trustworthy as gay.

Wilhelm on the other hand grew up well into the perfect shirt for a Pleasure sim, but the hair is too tidy.


Oscar changed his style to a more Popularity Gay variety, and ordered a blind date from the gypsy. Of course he got an adult, but what can you do. By the way, Oscar decided that his LTW is to become a Hall of Famer.

And Wilhelm chose an LTW of becoming a Game designer. Him, too, changed his looks, and also ordered a date. He got Märta Broberg (Marsha Bruenig), who is actually a teen!

After the boys' OK dates, we end this update with proof that Svedja is still a house full of love and friendliness, where we see mother and daughter bond before bedtime.

Svedja after round 20:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Siri Törnblad
Falco, the Highland Terrier


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