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Los year 71-74, Unnecessary Addition

Previously at Los, Emilia cooked grilled Cheese sandwiches for everyone, including her parents Loke and Barbara who were visiting. The spring arrived and Patric started a garden. He also painted masterpieces and wanted to quit his job. Love grew up well to a beautiful child with a preferred hobby of Sports.

Hmm... Seems we’ve got another generation 3 baby on its way.
Not exactly what we need, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan it.

Big brother to be, Love, is bored and feeds his father’s fish in the pond in the middle of the pouring rain.


The third member of this household, father Patric, is a Knowledge sim who wants to max all his skills and therefor skills all the time when he’s off work.
He gets all fit in the process, but J68 realizes that the lot needs some landscaping. The view from the kitchen windows is straight into IKEA’s display windows.

By morning the landscaping is improved and a giant barbecue is installed, so now we don’t have to feel like we’re in the front yard of the biggest store in Mattsmyra.

Later, the Montells are invited for a playdate, and Love and Melissa get along fabulously


Next, it's time for a baby. It's a girl who gets Common name no 53 - Berit. She's born on Sunday, June 8th '73 at 2.38 pm. 1p.

Monday it’s back to work, and Patric gets promoted to Hand of Poseidon, thereby reaching the top of the Oceanography career. 1p, since it wasn’t his LTW.

And another birthday. Morbror Georg and brother Love are attending.
Except for the eye colour, Berit grows up to look exactly like her cousin Jenny. In opposite from her, though, this is an extremely neat, active and nice (10, 10, 10) young lady who is very shy and serious. She’s a Virgo if you didn’t guess it.

Emilia is the eldest daughter of CAS toddler Loke Mattsson and townie Barbara (Lennestål). She’s married to Patric Carlsson, who she met in Uni. They have their son Love, 11 and daughter Berit, 1. Emilia’s sister Elisabeth has four children and is expecting. Her brothers Georg and Hugo have one daughter each.

Los after round 20:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Love Carlsson
Berit Carlsson


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