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Rävkullen year 71-74, Emmy Award

Previously at Rävkullen, Lena tried to find a job in the Military career, but the computer wouldn't stay fixed, or the job never came up. Max was working on his body skill and in the garden. Then we found out that Lena was pregnant.

Lena, who is pregnant and unemployed have all the time in the world to spend time with family and friends.


The Werns are here today. The teens are Lena’s cousins, since her mother Maria was half-sister to the kids mother Ingeborg. Their father Jerry tagged along, too.

And then, finally, after 10 years, Lena finds a job in the Military career, as a Flight Officer. She’ll have to wait before she goes there, though, since the baby isn’t born yet.

Sunday morning it’s babytime. Another girl sees the light of day on June 6th ’73. She gets Popular name no 66 – Emmy.

Max is a good father, taking as much part in Emmy’s life as Lena does.

Having a baby doesn’t slow Lena down when it comes to entertaining guests. Her sister Agnes is usually invited to the almost daily parties.

And another night, another party, but now it’s a birthday party. Emmy will become a toddler already.

Being born into this party house seems to have influenced Emmy to become a party animal, too.

As soon as she’s put on the floor, she starts dancing to her Farfar’s drumming.

And we finish the update with a glance at the family trees. Lena's all-girls family is on the left, pretty uncomplicated, and Max' more complex one on the right. Maja Hartwig is his adoptive mother, as the readers might recall.

Rävkullen after round 20:
Max Benett
Lena Benett
Emmy Benett


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