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Georg Lind (Deceased)

Georg was born as generation 2, son of Hans Lind and Melissa Falk. He's got black hair and grey eyes with a light skin tone. Georg has the Family/Popularity aspiration and his LTW is to become Captain Hero - Acheived at 45.New LTW Golden Anniversary  - Acheived at 58. New LTW 3 children graduate University. Turn-ons are fat people in swim wear, turn-off is formal wear

Birthday: 23rd of August '14
Died: 22nd of March '92
Height: 58 =180 cm =1,03
College major: Psychology SCL

Preferred Hobby: Arts & Crafts - received plaque
Badges: Sewing Gold

Spouse: Allegra Gast
Children: Annika Lind, third generation
David Lind, third generation

Talent points:
Cooking 10
Mechanical 2
Charisma 4
Body 10
Logic 9
Creativity 10
Cleaning 8

His sign is Aquarius and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 5
Active: 3
Playful: 4
Nice: 9

Georg newborn                            Georg is really smart                 Jumping on the couch

Androgyne looks, almost angelic Georg got an ugly nose         Adult back home

Georg got old

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