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Gondolkanalen 74 year 71-74, Butterfly Girl

Previously at Gondolkanalen, the supposedly rich Markövertag family were low on funds. Malva found that she was pregnant. Both Malva and Malcom wanted jobs in the Criminal career but couldn't find any. Malcolm worked his businesses and their first daughter Siv was born. Then Malva accepted a random job and went shopping.



Malcolm Markövertag finds a job in his desired career of Crime, as a pickpocket. He’s got no skills, so he has to start from the bottom.


When Malva hears the news that the Syndicate is hiring, she too applies for a job, as Bank Robber. Already she’s ahead of her husband!

She’s not ahead for long though. Eager to make a good impression and show off, she offered to help blasting into a vault. Unfortunately she failed and lost 2 body points and got demoted to pickpocket. (Chance cards...)

No time to mope about a demotion, it’s Siv’s birthday!

Or not. Two cakes later, she’s still a baby. Well, so be it. The small family goes to bed instead.


:o Indeed!

No morning sickness whatsoever for Malva this time, not even a thought from her side that she might be pregnant.
Since she got an unexpected day off, Malva arranges a daytime party for her unemployed and Uni friends. Now let’s see if Siv is ready to grow up.

Oh dear… This is most definitively a bad combination of Malcolm’s deeply set eyes and Malva’s prominent cheekbones. And the worst hair ever. Well, that can be fixed anyway.

Anyway, we find that Siv is a very active Gemini, so we’ll have a lot of running in the house in the future.
Siv might be ugly, but she’s smart. She gets the potty thing in one sitting.

Look! She stands up too, to watch the fishes in the aquarium. It seems toddlers do.
Then she’s playing with Morbror Sebastian.


Talking takes a bit longer though. Malcolm takes a lot of the work, since Malva is pregnant still. It’s not his favourite pastime, though...
Both Siv and Malcolm are happy when the training is over, and continue to other things.

Malva passes her time with her science interest, which she nurtures with the help of the weather channel. Malcolm even joins her sometimes.

Then, when Malva has regained her energy, she goes to extreme lengths to better her daughter’s appearance.

Malcolm: ”I approve of your idea to have a family only party for Siv’s birthday tomorrow. We need to keep La Famiglia together”
Malva: “Yes, dear” (As if you had any choice – bah!)


It seems there will be more than Siv’s birthday to celebrate tonight. Here comes baby!

It’s another girl, who’s not a clone of her sister. We can see it by the colour of her eyes. She picked up her mother’s brown. Hopefully she will be more fortunate with the combination of traits she gets from her parents. She gets Common name no 32 – Helena, and is born on July 31st ’74.

Her sister, who is now a fully learned toddler, awaits her birthday and studies the fish again. You would think she has a Nature hobby, but she doesn’t. Her OTH has not revealed itself yet, so it’s probably sports. I’ve never seen a toddler claim a sports interest.


And the cake is brought out and Malva helps Siv to blow out the candles. May we wish for a better appearance for her?
Maybe. We’ll see next time when it’s time for a make-over. Now she’s off to bed, on the double! Happy birthday and good night!


Gondolkanalen after round 20:
Malcolm Markövertag
Malva Markövertag
Siv Markövertag
Helena Markövertag


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