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Långhed year 71-74, Mamma's Girl

Previously at Långhed, we were at Järvsö. Agnes had Oscar after being overdue with one year. Then she got pregnant again immediately. Oscar grew up to toddler and the small family moved to Långhed.

Kevin Rodiek is lucky the same day the family moves in to Långhed (Long Moore).
They hardly have money enough to buy the most essential furniture, but finally he finds a job in his desired Oceanography career. Only as a Fish Chummer though, since they cannot afford a computer yet.

Oscar, the firstborn of many many more (if Kevin has a say – he wants to marry off 6 kids) succeeds in escaping to the garden in his pyjamas and tries to catch the pretty fireflies. He finds that his preferred hobby is Nature!

Agnes feels a bit trapped in the house, so she goes to the Micromall to meet her mother and wait for the baby to arrive.


Marita follows her daughter home, and that night it’s time for the new addition to the Rodiek family.


Since we have two Family sims here, it’s no surprise it’s twins. What’s more surpising is that it is a boy and a girl. They get Popular names 75 and 21 – Vidar and Saga. Their birthday is 2nd of June ’72 at 8.02 PM. Vidar has his mother’s brown eyes and his father’s brown hair.

Saga has the same colours as her father, as big brother Oscar.

Luckily for Agnes, her mother Marita stays the night after the twins birth, taking care of Oscar. That way Agnes has a chance to sleep and recover her strength while Kevin is working.

Kevin comes home in the morning, promoted to Dolphin Tank Cleaner. Yay, the family will have the money to buy Oscar a birthday cake and a big boy bed, since it’s his birthday today. Their neighbours across the street are the Sandvalls, with the magnificent garden Märta planted. It can make any neighbour jealous!


Since Agnes is a stay-at-home mother, it’s her job to do the housework, but she really can’t cope with it with three children eating mainly from bottles. She didn’t even have time to get dressed today. Patrik Mellberg is visiting and entertains one of the twins.

Marita comes by nearly every day and helps Agnes out. It’s really needed, and really appreciated.  She's really vital for being 80!

Soon enough Agnes will have more help. Oscar is about to grow up, fully trained and all, but he spent his toddlerhood in his pyjamas.

Agnes herself found time to dress for the occasion for once. Maybe it was thanks to her mother helping her prepare for the party so she could take a bath.

And despite him having to go to work in the morning, Kevin takes a night watch with Saga who is all clear-eyed and alert at 3am

It’s also a great help for Agnes that Oscar grew up. He can help with the housework, at least to take out the trash and help cleaning up bottles.

Already the next day it’s time for Kevin’s next promotion, to Sea Lice Research Assistant. It doesn’t sound much but it is a responsible job... His  bonus money made it possible to buy a changing table for the kids and even leaves enough money to pay the bills.

Agnes didn’t get dressed again, but invited her brother and sister-in-law for a little get-together. Marita is here too as usual. 

And it’s the twins’ birthday. First Vidar, who refuses to grow up. And then Saga.

She actually grows up, but in winter wear in the middle of the summer! We need to do some shopping. If there is money.
Saga is a very playful Capricorn, who already knows her preferred hobby is Culinary.

And after the guests went home, another try with the cake was staged. It succeeded, and we now have two toddlers in the house instead of one. Vidar turns out to be an extremely active and extremely nice Sagittarius.

Långhed after round 20:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek
Vidar Rodiek
Saga Rodiek


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