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Fallåsen year 71-74, Work In Progress

Previously at Fallåsen, Noel moved in and accepted a job in the Athletics career. He woohooed 4-5 ladies and worked on a few more. In a moment's weakness he wished to get married to Vera Johansson, but it passed.

Noel is still off work and has very little money left.

However, he continues his quest towards 20 woohoo’s and invites his sister-in-law Annika, who he hasn’t slept with since Uni, and certainly not in the privacy of his own home.

The newly installed indoor hottub, which Noel built in his living room, gets inaugurated.

The next day, after his first day of work, Noel gets promoted to Assistant Coach. Life is good!

He invites Jessica Picaso over to soften her up, but they don’t really hit it off. They take a dip in the hottub and then have an awkward dinner of lunchmeat sandwiches from Noel’s backpack


The next day he invites three-bolter Opal Jenssen, who is swooning according to plan. What was not planned was her anoying friend Gustaf, who tagged along.
Eventually he gets rid of the uninvited guest and can lay his hands on Opal’s ripe but well-preserved body

Then he gets promoted to Coach, thanks to him hiring proper help with moving a piano (chance card)

He celebrates his promotion with decorating his kitchen, so that he’s got counters, an expensive stove and even a dinner table with four chairs. He also cooks a turkey for himself and his next-in-line Marie-Helen Hamilton, with whom he’s got a platonic relation, so far.

Fallåsen after round 20:
Noel Bardh


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