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Norrbo year 71-74, Combining Hobby and Career

Previously, Åsa graduated from college, SCL in Economy. Since then she moved to her own place.

Åsa Benett, Grilled Cheese single, moves in to her house Norrbo (the North Homestead).

She’s got the LTW to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches and has no wish to get a certain job or hook up with any certain person. We look forward to her life as an unwritten book.

First things first. Åsa is affected by the flu epidemic and tries to relax to make it go away. She inherits some money from her father Daniel Johansson, who recently passed away.

Åsa is the daughter of Maja (Benett)  and Daniel Johansson. Maja was the live-in lover of Daniel and they never got married. 

Åsa have a lot of siblings with different history. Her brother Max is actually her cousin, born by Daniel's sister Livia and Ricky Cormier, and later adopted by Maja. Stina is her half-sister by her father Daniel. Stina's mother was Sofie, Daniel's wife. Elisabet and Gustav are Åsa's half-sister and -brother by her mother Maja. The youngsters' father is Leif Hartwig, Maja's husband.

The only thing Åsa wishes for is to cook and eat grilled cheese sandwiches, and to learn cooking, so she reads cookbooks a lot.

Just as Åsa maxes her Cooking skill, Noel comes by. They were lovers in Uni, but now they’re only friends. For the moment anyway. Åsa has two bolts with this casanova still.

And it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours before they’re in bed together again

Since Åsa has no desire to work, but wants to max her cooking enthusiasm, she goes to the Cooking hobby lot and enters a food contest. She enters a salmon dish and actually wins, despite the fact that it’s the first time she tries. She wins 500§!

In the evening, Åsa invites her mother Maja and her little half-sister Elisabet to talk about Grilled Cheese, but they are not very impressed.

The next day Åsa invites her college friend Gunnar Flyckt, and he starts flirting with her, which she appreciates a whole lot. They fall into a crush, but nothing else happens between them.

Instead, Åsa decides it’s time to get a job, to earn money for the bills. She accepts an opening as Executive Chef and will start in the morning. And thereby, the first round of Norrbo is finished.

Norrbo after round 20:
Åsa Benett


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