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Mattsgården year 75-79, Season's Premier!

Welcome to the new season of semi-regular updates for the Mattsmyra Prosperity Challenge. As usual we start at Mattsgården, the Mattsson residence.

Last time, Georg found a job in the teaching career and started skilling to be able to be promoted. Agnes wrote best-selling childrens books while pregnant and gave birth to generation 3, Jenny. Jenny grew up to toddler.
Barbara, the grand-mother, reached the top of the science career and both her and Loke died.

We start this update the same way as we left off. Agnes tends the garden and earns a silver badge while Georg is startgazing. They mourn Georg’s mother Barbara, who just died.


This house that has always been so full, now holds only three inhabitants, Georg, Agnes and their daughter Jenny.


Agnes starts a new book, to work on her Literature interest and to keep herself occupied when waiting for her desired Slacker job to come up on the computer.
And here comes the Literature guy with a plaque - 1p!

Then she teaches Jenny to walk.


Georg maxes his Logic skill while being observed by a stray dog. And then his body skill. Why is he always skilling at night?

Since Georg is a teacher, he has the weekend off, and spends it with his best friend and brother-in-law Kevin Burlin who came by.


In the evening half the neighbourhood comes over to help celebrate Jenny’s birthday.
She still looks a lot like her father. Or rather, her aunt Elisabeth.

Sunday, Georg’s sister Elisabeth and her family is visiting, and Jenny can start to get to know her cousin Filip

Agnes and Georg comes from two different original families - the Mattssons and the Bergs.
That means that Jenny has cousins on both sides. 7 on her father's side and two on her mother's. Both Agnes and Georg are born in-game as generation 2.


After the family tree interlude, Jenny wants to sell lemonade, and Siv Markövertag comes by all the way from Bluewater to buy some.
The rest of the hot summer afternoon, the three kids spend in the pool, swimming and playing around.
I remember playing the Mattsson household's cold winter with my own cold winter outside, and now I'm playing their hot summer with my own hot summer outside. We're in phase, me and Mattsmyra!

In the meantime, Georg made a berry pie and calls everyone in to eat. Berry pies are for the summer afternoons of the world!

Then the phone rings, and Agnes gets the news that her new book sells well, too!

Monday, Georg gets promoted to College Senior Professor. Jenny welomes him home.

Like all good sim children before her, Jenny comes home with an A+ report card, and like all good sim mothers before her, Agnes cheers for her daughter. The guy in the picture is Joel Ekström, college llama, who Agnes invited to try to become friends with.
Sorry that he's wrongly tagged - he looks so much like Jenny's uncle, emilia's husband Patric, that I forgot that it was Joel visiting.


Mattsgården after round 21:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson


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