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Myren year 75-79, A Baby Meant to Be

Previously at Myren, Ulrika had good grades. Marita reached her Knowledge IW and earned a Gemas plaque. Rolf threw out the hand controls to the video games because he's a soar loser. Rolf and Britta had a lot of dates where Rolf wished to fall in love with the college cheerleader Linn.

Ulrika wants cereal for breakfast, and Farmor Marita, 80, prepares it willingly for her.


They are the best of friends and even wear matching pyjamas.

When Ulrika comes home from school she continues to spend time with her Farmor. They are very close.


Then Marita prepares her last lobster and accepts a drink from the Grim Reaper. Marita (Bornemo) Myhr leaves Mattsmyra at the respectable age of 81, on May 21st ’75.

She leaves behind her son Rolf Myhr, 48, with wife Britta and their daughter Ulrika, 10
Also left bihind is her daughter Agnes Rodiek, 35, with husband Kevin and children Oscar, 6, Vidar, 3 and Saga, 3.

Ulrika is very sad that her Farmor died.


WT..?! Britta is on birthcontrol, but still she suspects that she’s pregnant! She’ll be an elder very soon and we really don’t need another generation 3!
Rolf’s sister Agnes comes by. Appearently she’s pregnant too. That’s no wonder though, her and her husband are both Family.

Here’s the Myhr family tree. Evert was a CAS teen and has a half-sister, Thea, by his mother. Evert was married to Marita who just died, and have a son, Rolf, and a daughter, Agnes. Rolf is married to Britta and they have one daughter and are unexpectedly expecting. Agnes is married to Kevin Rodiek and has three children and is expecting.


Ulrika is going to turn into a teenager tonight!
Inspired by her Farmor, Ulrika becomes something as unusual as a Knowledge girl! I don’t remember when I had one of those last!

For her party Ulrika invites the Wern siblings. She has one bolt for them all, but two for her childhood friend Molly. ACR decided that Ulrika is bi. J68's intention is to pair her up with Aron, who she is already BFF with.

The day after the party Aron is back and gives Ulrika her first kiss. And there’s love!


Knowledge sim as she is, Ulrika wishes to go to private school, and invites the headmaster.

Britta: ”Yes, Mr Headmaster, I’ve been cooking all afternoon. Please taste the pork chops, they are only a little bit burned!”
Headmaster: “Ehrm, thanks, I try these left-over pancakes instead”

Headmaster: ”Thank you, Mrs Myhr, it was a pleasure. Ulrika is very welcome to start her education at my school!”
(I never had such a bad food score – don’t leave pancakes out when inviting the headmaster!)

Oops! Britta was puttering in the garden when a sudden thunderstorm hit. And boy, did it hit! This is most certainly not good for the baby!

Britta survived and recovered, and so did the pregnancy, at least so far. Rolf stalks his wife to interact with her. He hates to work out and refuses to do so, even though he’s SO close to maxing his body skill. J68 continues to force him, though. That's why he's in his track suit.

Tuesday morning, it’s time for Britta, 52, to give birth. She was on birthcontrol, has had the flu and gotten struck by lightning, but never even once we have had any miscarriage warnings. This baby is apparently meant to be.

Of course it’s a girl. She is born on the 21st of July ’79, and gets Popular name no 6 – Alva. The only thing positive with this is that she might receive the orphan scolarship in the future. And that she’s a red-head and brings some more recessives to this hood.

Evert makes an appearance the night Alva is born. Ulrika pees herself from fear, but finds it a thrilling experience anyway!

The last thing to record is that Rolf gets promoted to Broadway Star, and will have to get his Body skill maxed to come any further. Probably that´s why he looks all over-whelmed.

Myren after round 21:
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr


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