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Korskrogen year 75-79, Rio e Janeiro

Previously at Korskrogen, Caroline and Stina moved back from University, with their aspirations changed to Romance and Family respectively. Stina started her desired career in the Education track and Caroline continued to collect lovers, but preferred Noel Bardh. She got pregnant by Noel and was still pregnant when we left the lot. Stina tried a bit of dating but didn't hit off with the guys she met.
Daniel and Sofie died, at age 75 and 76 respectively. Livia reconnected with her lover Ricky, father of her son Max.


Caroline Johansson, pregnant with Noel Bardh’s baby, inherits some money from her lover Daniel Mattsson, who passed away recently.


That leaves her with only four simultaneous loves out of 20 as she wishes for. To have a chance for her LTW before all men in Mattsmyra dies of old age, she needs to start a fabulous garden and earn the wishing well!

Her mother Livia Johansson was Daniel’s lover, too, and gets her share of his money.

The third inhabitant at Korskrogen is Stina Johansson, Livia’s niece, Caroline’s cousin. She’s a family sim who doesn’t want a family, but a kitten or a puppy.


Since Caroline thought it would be a great idea too to have a pet, in that case a puppy, an adoption was arranged. Little Lady Rio was loved from the moment she set paw on the premises.

Maximilian, Livia’s brother, is visiting, breaking the fourth wall. These two are my very last CAS sims. Maximilian came to Mattsmyra as a child, and Livia as a toddler. They will both leave during this round.

Daniel Johansson, who lived in this house until his death was Maximilian’s twin. The fourth sibling was Inger, CAS teen, who lived an unfulfilled Knowledge life and ended up being the mother of six Montell children. (Apart from Inger herself, Simon and Barbro are missing in this picture)

And from now on to the time we get back to Österås where Maximilian lives, he will be the last.

Livia leaves in Platinum at an age of 76 on the 23rd of May ‘75. She leaves behind her daughter Caroline Johansson, 29, and her son Max, 45. Additionaly her brother Maximilian, 82 and nine nephews and nieces.

Soon after her mother’s death, it’s time for Caroline to give birth.

At 4.44 am, the 13th of May ’76, a baby BOY is born! He gets Popular name no 6, Alexander and hides his dark blue eyes, just like his mother.

It’s a pity that he isn’t blond, but I guess you cannot have it all...

So, Caroline invites her son’s father over.

Caroline: “So, congratulations, Noel, you’re all grown up, you have a son now!”
Noel: "Are you kidding me?!"

Noel: ”Hi there, little one, are you really my son? Look at your little fingers! You’re so tiny! Yes, Pappa will take care of you, you just wait!”
(He autonomously picked the baby up to interact with him! :))

Noel: ”Yes, Pappa will take care of you, don’t you worry!”
(Then he proceeded to autonomously feed the baby!)

Caroline: ”Yes, please, I would like to apply for a membership in the garden club and get the wish… I mean, get cheaper fertilizer”

Garden Club: ”It seems there’s a disaster situation on your lot, so we’ll terminate this inspection for now”

Caroline: ”Well, we got cut short yesterday, so if you please could make the inspection now (before our newly bought flower beds go bad.)”
Garden Club Lady: “We don’t think your garden had enough time to grow since last inspection, so call back another day”
Caroline: “WT..?! You didn’t even finish the inspection last time!”

Garden Club Lady: ”Good day”


Caroline: ”Ok, be that as it may. I try this instead: Dear Genie, give me beauty!”
Genie: “Ok”
Caroline: ”Well, I’m a bit overwhelmed by how many three-bolters there are in this world. Let me just put my son down and we’ll get started.”

Caroline: ”It’s hard to get the three-bolters to come here though, so I'll check off my friends first.”
Engla Mattsson – Love no 5.
She doesn’t do anything inappropriate, just hold their hands, and there is love.
Cornelia Andersson is love no 6. (Sorry for incorrect tagging again)


Then it’s Alexander’s birthday, which is witnessed by ladies only. Maybe the rumour spread that Caroline does women now, too?
Alex turns out to be an extremely outgoing and very active Capricorn, who looks a lot like his father Noel did as a toddler.

And Maja, her cousin’s mother, is no 7.

And what does Stina do during all of this? Well, she’s handling her dog Rio, who is now an adult dog of some strange breed, maybe a mini pinsher, and wishes for another puppy.
And here he comes, little Janeiro, who will hopefully become a good mate for Rio.

Korskrogen after round 21: 
Stina Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Alexander Johansson
Rio, the mini-pinscher
Janeiro, the puppy


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