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Roteberg year 75-79, Two First Kisses

Previously at Roteberg, Susanne grew up very well to elder, since she's already permaplat. Monica grew up to a Family teen who went shopping and hung out with friends. Lena found her preferred hobby of sports. Susanne wrote more best-selling books about Dr Susanne. Patrik worked hard and reached his LTW of becoming Captain Hero, and wished for a new Political career. The family bought a kitten and named him Kompis.

The kitten Kompis seems to have decided that Lena is his human.


He thinks about her when laying in his giant pet bed.

Lena is still little enough to come out to hug her mother when she comes home promoted to Roadie.

Her older daughter Monica is a Family sim, desperate to get her first kiss, and to go steady with someone. Her 5.000§ brings her a SENIOR professor!

The Mattsmyra date service sucks!

Patrik reached his goal of becoming a Captain Hero, and now wants to start a political career. He accepts an opening as a City Counsil Member and is on his way in his second career!

Susanne moves on in her second career, too, and is promoted to Studio Musician.


Then it’s Lena’s birthday, and there will be no more children in this generation. And J68 runs out of comments for Lena's rolled aspiration...

With ANOTHER straight Romance girl we need to do something different, and Lena loves the result. Also, she decided that she wants to become a Rock God, so it’s not more than right she looks like a popstar already.

Susanne is working on her skills to be furtherly (is that a word? well, it is now!) promoted in the Music Career.

Patrik goes to work for his first day as a State Assembly person and comes back as a Congress Person. That’s fantastic!

Monday night, it’s time for Monica to claim her scolarships. She receives four, for grades, mechanics, body and art. Now there’s only one thing that needs to be done before she leaves...


You cannot go to Uni unkissed, can you? Monica takes advantage of her crossed-out bolt friend Marcus Montell, just to check that acheivement off her list.
Then she’s off, and her Lady Gaga look-alike little sister with matching hair and pyjamas waves her off. Bye, bye! See you in your freshman year in college!

Life quickly returns to normal after Monica leaves. Kompis, the cat, has grown up to adult and is now the center of attention for this family.

The next day, Patrik gets promoted to Judge – his Political career is really taking off!


Lena goes out to buy herself a cellphone, and bumps into the sexiest boy alive – Thomas Cormier. He’s like... THREE... BOLTS.. HOT!!

And before she leaves him, Lena makes sure to get her very first kiss from Thomas, at an age of 15. Well, that’s pretty decent I must say. Maybe she could have waited another year, but she’s Romance after all.

Roteberg after round 21:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Lena Berg
Kompis, the cat


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