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University part 1, Year 75-76


Märta works her magical psychology approach on her own sex now.


Why waste an opportunity to woohoo a friend just because she’s a girl?

Märta: ”uhm.. guys.. Some privacy?”
Lars-Erik: ”Been there, done that”
Kattis: “Only watching the game here!”

Gerd arranges a party to let the shit hit the fan.
It has been decided by the SimGodess that Gerd will marry David Lind when she graduates shortly. Therefor Gerd invites David, her fiancé Richard and Anita, David’s other love interest, to bring down the house.

Unfortunately none of them shows up, so there is no dramatic break-up tonight. We’ll have to do it another day.


Märta finished her Sophomore year and decided that Romance wasn’t for her. Instead she chose the Popularity aspiration and a new LTW, to have 20 simultaneous best friends. That’s a new LTW for me, and shouldn’t be too hard I think.

Gerd graduates MCL in Literature at the same time and throws a party. As usual none of her lovers comes. Instead she ends up dancing with Ralf Lilja.
Unfortunately I happened to delete Gerd’s graduation photo, which she had with Märta. Gerd will move back to Mattsmyra and move in with David Lind.

That leaves the cousins Märta and My to tend to the bar at Helsinge Nation and wait for the next batch of kids. However, they will have one year when they have all the house to themselves first.

Märta Sandvall, Popularity, Psychology Junior, SCL
My Montell, Romance, Literature Junior, SCL


Year 76

My spends some time with her future bride, Gerd’s little sister Louise. She looks so much like Elaine of Birka (my BaCC), so I often think of her as Elaine.

Märta, with her newly acquired Popularity aspiration, throws parties almost every day, and collects Best Friends along the way. Here Marcus, My's little brother, sneaked in to a college party!


When it’s not time to have parties or meet new people, in the middle of the night, the girls work on their term papers or on their hobbies, which for My is Games.

We also have an occasional mascot fight of course, but mainly, year 76 passes by pretty undramatically.

Then all the cheerleading team comes by!

After year 76, the inhabitants at Helsinge Nation are

Märta Sandvall, Popularity, Psychology Senior, SCL
My Montell, Romance, Literature Senior, SCL

A short update, that was necessary to explain the next lot, which is Letsbo.



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