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Letsbo year 75-79, Break-up and Wedding

Previously at Letsbo, Georg and Allegra had the house to themselves. They had an anniversary party, which was Georg's second LTW. Allegra reached the Knowledge IW of maxing all skills, and Georg attained a silver badge in sewing.

David Lind is back at his parents’ house Letsbo. He left University confused.


He’s in love with his childhood sweetheart Anita Jernelid, but at the same time he chose to take his graduation picture with Gerd Berg. That would be a match made in heaven – i.e by the SimGodess.

What he wishes for now is to paint a master piece and to get a job in three other careers than his LTW of Military. David is a confused sim.

In the evening, he’s inviting Gerd to try out his feelings for her. They seem to be very real. He totally falls in love with her, despite him being very, very hungry

David accepts a job as a Journalist, since there are no Military jobs available.

Georg and Allegra, David’s parents, are still going strong, and work on their hobbies.

And Gerd arrives early in the morning. Now, the break-up procedure needs to be handled. The readers might recall that Richard, Gerd's fiancé refused to come to the Greek House as long as Gerd lived there.

Problem is that Richard is affected by “unlisted numbers”. He’s not available in the phone book.

The only way to get hold of Richard is to arrange a party, so Gerd does, and breaks the news to the unsuspecting Richard.

Gerd: “I’ve had it with you, this is my life now!”
Richard: "Gasp!"

Gerd’s parents Jerry and Ingeborg witness the ugly scene. Jerry seems pretty upset, but Ingeborg seems to approve.

Gerd: “Sorry, Richard, but we really don’t need another townie in this over-crowded generation. At least that's what the SimGodess says, so don't blame me!”

Gerd’s LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens, so she preparing a kennel in the backyard. She raised one puppy when she lived in her parents’ house and missed her second dog’s growing up, so she’s got 19 to go...

She starts right away with a tiny female puppy, which she names Beta. Beta will hopefully be very fertile and give birth to many many puppies in the future.
In the evening Curre arrives, too. There were no male puppies available from the pound, so Gerd settled with an adult male.

Richard is not happy, and comes by day and night to kick over the trashcan and steal the newspaper.

After only one day in journalism, David finds a job in his desired Military career. He starts as a Flight Officer in the morning.

That leaves the afternoon to propose to Gerd, who happily accepts!

The day is hot, and the yard is crammed, so the arc is installed at the back of the house. Both Gerd and David found some decent formal wear in the family’s dresser. Now let’s get the party started!

I hereby pronounce you husband and wife – Mr and Mrs Lind!
Gerd’s mother Ingeborg and brother Adam line up to congratulate the happy couple

And Gerd and David’s college friend Märta is here too. The cake gets cut in due order


Meanwhile, Gerd’s brother Aron and sister Louise play kicky ball in the dog pen. That’s the biggest open area on this lot.
Then it’s time for a night at a hotel – see you back home!

When David and Gerd are back from their trip, Richard comes by uninvited and sizes David up. David is clueless, he hardly knew that Gerd was engaged to Richard before. However, it’s late, so Richard leaves without anything at all happening.

Instead, Allegra blogs so much about Music&Dance that she receives a plaque. 1p!

Gerd continues to train her male dog Curre, while waiting for the female Beta to be old enough to breed.

Georg decides it’s time to retire, to pursue his sewing hobby instead.

That leaves David as the only bread-winner in the family, but it doesn’t matter. Since this is an established household since day 1, money is no issue. And additionaly, he’s climbing the ranks and becomes promoted to Senior Officer.

Letsbo after round 21:
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
David Lind
Gerd (Berg) Lind
Curre, the terrier
Beta, the puppy


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