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Lottefors year 75-79, Simon retires

Previously at Lottefors, the eldest daughter My left home for Uni. Carita came back from a pregnancy abduction unharmed and gave birth to Sara, the last Montell baby of this generation. Sara grew up to a Capricorn toddler. Marcus started to check out the neighbourhood girls and was accepted in private school. Simon and Carita grew up very well to elders. 

The rain pours down on Lottefors, where Simon is on baby duty, since it’s his day off.

He needs to max his Logic skill to be able to be promoted.

On his day off he finally succeeds in his pursuit for the last Logic point, despite him having to take care of Sara too.

Soon she’ll be able to take care of herself, after this yet another Montell birthday.

When daylight comes, Love Carlsson passes by, and Sara runs out to greet him and play with him. He’s a bit old for her though, he will grow up to teen this round, but they can have fun while it lasts.

They have great fun and play all day together.

Jiingi, the family cross-breed, finds it strange that the playmate in the doorway never comes out to play, and doesn’t even have any smell!

Since Simon is a Knowledge sim, he doesn’t settle for what he NEEDS to know, he wants to know everything and maxes his Mechanical skill with the help of his Surgical Dummy.

In the evening, they have a family pyjama dinner of Macaroni and cheese, which Marcus prepared.

Then, Simon even takes some time off his skilling schedule to play poker with his friends Simon (!) and Patric. By some mysterious reason, it seems it goes well for them all.

Sunday, Marcus invites the planned future Mrs Montell, Elisabet Hartwig. They started a budding romance at her house last round. They do not go further than an embrace, before she unexpectedly leaves the lot.

Carita is promoted to Vice President without even trying. She doesn’t have a career related LTW. As a matter of fact, she will never reach her LTW of marrying off six children, since she managed only to bear three. Maybe she deserves a wish from the genie...

And at the same time, Sara comes home with excellent grades from public school. It’s strange that her father hasn’t wished for her to go to private school.

Said father arrives home promoted to Chief of Staff, which was his LTW – 2p!

He reached his goal at an age of 59.

His next goal is to become a Media Magnate, which will unfortunately not happen in this age discriminating society. Instead, we recommend a pursuit for the Knowledge IW and a hobby plaque.

As a matter of fact, he might as well retire!

And then it happens – Marcus packs up his scolarships and leaves for University! We will see him there in his freshman year later this round.

But some things remain the same – Sara brings home new friends from school, and Jiingi tries to be involved in everything. And there we leave Lottefors, where there now are only three people and a dog living

Lottefors after round 21:
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Sara Montell
Jiingi the cross-breed


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