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Färila year 75-79, Leif Turns Gray

Perviously at Färila, Elisabet grew up very well to a Family teen. She met Marcus Montell and they started a little romance. Leif reached his first level 10 business and bought Amelia's Krypin to start his next. The store reached level 2 and got the Best of the Best award.
Maja worked in her Medical career and was skilling. Gustav was a boring kid.

The Färila update starts with some father/son bonding over a game of darts.


It’s Gustav’s birthday and he will grow up to teen!

It’s time to blow out the candles. Gustav’s great-aunt Thea is cheering him on. The birdcage in the background has been empty forever. No one ever wished for a parrot, only for the cage.

He chooses the aspiration of Popularity and wants a girl with perfume and make-up, as long as she’s not blond.

He gets himself a new look.

Gustav: “My Sim, I’m good-looking!”
J68: “Sure, but those shorts need to go”

Gustav, like many Popularity sims, spends the major part of his waking hours on the phone making friends. However, his greatest wish – his LTW, is to have 20 pet best friends!

It’s doubtful if there even ARE 20 pets in Mattsmyra. This is, I’m afraid, a futile wish.


Leif spends some time becoming best friends with his aunt Thea.
Leif, being a Popularity sim, has recently rolled the wish to have 30 simultaneous best friends. He’s now working on his 18th , Christel Garpheden.

Then he goes back to Amelia’s Krypin, where he hired Andrea Holk to help him and Kenny out. Kenny is off today so Andrea works instead.

Leif always tries to keep his staff in a good mood. He autonomously kisses Andrea up the arm, and they fall madly in love. Hopeless Popularity sims, they are as promiscious as Romancers!
At least Andrea ends up in a better mood!

Then Leif proceeds to cleaning the shop windows.

Back home, there’s a family conference in the tiny kitchen, where Leif just installed a new stove and a food processor. He also bought a huge outdoor barbecue, since he wanted it. I seriously think Leif is a Fortune sim in disguise.

Gustav: ”Congratulations on all the new great stuff, Pappa!”


Elisabet and Gustav are preparing for college. Elisabet will leave already tonight, while Gustav will hang around until next round. Chess is not the best game for these two, though, since they both cheat all the time. They are clones, remember?

Since the autumn draws near, Leif arranges a stock clearance sale on summer clothes. Let’s hope that sets the business off. It has been slow lately at Amelia’s krypin.


And after many hours of fluctuating business levels, Leif finally meets level 3, for the first time at Amelia’s. It happens one late night, when he already sent his staff home for the night, and the store is full of townies only.

The sale works fine, and soon the stock is gone. Unfortunately it doesn’t do much more for the level of the shop. We’ll see tomorrow what happens, after Leif has restocked his sale racks.


In between the store sessions, Leif continues to work on his best friends list.
But first – Leif’s birthday! He grows up very well to elder, but could use a new outfit.

And in the meantime, Maja struggles in her medical career and gets promoted to Medical Researcher.

The time has come for Elisabet to leave the nest and start University studies. She manages to secure three scolarships to bring with her.
Then Elisabet is ready to leave, and join her boyfriend Marcus Montell at Uni.
Her freshman year will be up later this round.


With his good transition, the next level at the shop is easy for Leif. His staff is getting the hang of it, too.
Kenny is doing such a great job at the store that Leif promotes him to manager.

Back home, Gustav invites two-bolter Lena Berg for a game of chess. He’s not only cheating his sister in the game, but treats everyone the same!
He’s not very good at it, though, and gets caught!

Well, two can play that game, and she makes him taste his own methods. It should be annoying playing chess like that!

And with that, we leave Färila for this time.

Färila after round 21:
Leif Hartwig
Maja Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig


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