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Holmsveden year 75-79, It's A Boy!

Previously at Holmsveden, Alicia reached the top of the Athletics track, her second career. Her and Daniel, the last original Mattsson, had a fight just before he died, which he did in platinum at age 78. Sofia, their daughter, continued to date her both live-in lovers without being caught. She worked in her Culinary career. David climbed the ranks of the Music career, while Ralf couldn't find a Science job, thus taking care of the garden and skilling all day.

Upon opening the lot, we realize that Sofia is pregnant.


Is it Ralf who is the father, or is it David? We’ll have to wait and see.

The possible father-to-be takes it upon himself to fix the broken computer. Apparently he forgot to unplug it first.

It even starts a fire! Ralf himself, Alicia and one of the two gardeners that decided to stay the night at Holmsveden freak out.
The fire department arrives promptly upon calling them, and no big damage occurs.

No material damage, that is. Sofia gets early cramps. It was close, but she keeps the baby

The other possible father-to-be, David, comes home promoted to Roadie. He brings groceries and Susanne with him.

Ralf cannot find a job in his preferred career of Science, but he works his garden so well that he earns a gold badge in Gardening.


While inspecting the newly installed music room (not even wallpapered yet), Sofia feels the contractions of impending birth. She looks pretty laid-back in this picture, but my ears are still bleeding from her screams.

It’s a boy! He gets Common name no 78 – Bertil, and he is born on the 22nd of August ’77 at 5.53 AM.

Bertil’s father is David Ottomas and his paternal grand-parents are younger than his father.
Bertil himself looks like every other Mattsson kid in the hood.

Alicia is a happy Mormor and gladly takes care of Bertil while Sofia works. She would like to stay home of course, since she’s Pleasure, but first she’ll need to reach her LTW of becoming a Celebrity chef.

David is promoted again, to Studio Musician. He brings home Susanne again, and they seem to have become best friends in the car home.
After dark, Sofia is promoted too, to Restauranteur. Only one more step to go!

The next day, when Sofia is at work again, this happens! David takes his mother-in-law, or at least his son’s grandmother, to bed! The ménage a trois at this house just became even more complicated!

Then he practices his charisma skill, with Bertil on his arm. I never saw that before in Sims2! In Sims 3 the sims can do all sorts of things with a baby on their arm, but here they usually need to put the baby down to even be able to talk to another sim.

That night it’s time for Bertil’s birthday. David invited his best friends, among them Simon Bardh, Sofia’s cousin. They went to Uni together, all of them.

Bertil grows up to a very active and very mean Gemini. His extra dad Ralf takes care of him a lot.


In this house everyone are lovers, but never get caught. Today, Vera, the Romancer was visiting when David woohooed Sofia, and SHE has the nerve to get upset with him! Sims are so strange!
However, David and Sofia demonstrates quite clearly that they don’t give a damn about Vera’s feelings.

Vera: “I’ll get me coat!”

Holmsveden after round 21:
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson
Ralf Lilja
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson


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