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Österås year 75-79, Vera Is Single

Previously at Österås, Vera woohooed blond Knowledge sims, and others. Maximilian maxed his Music&Dance enthusiasm and got a secondary aspiration of Pleasure. Maximilian dated Boris, his long-term lover.

Maximilian, our very last CAS sim, is enjoying his last time together with Boris Linderoth.

A date in the hottub is exactly what he wants. Boris wants to be joined with Maximilian, but Maximilian himself fears that, so it won’t happen.

Vera, Maximilian’s alien daughter, recently were in a scene at Holmsveden, when she walked in on David Ottomas and Sofia Mattsson. Now she wants to leave that behind her and fall back in love with David.

Already on July 17th ’75, it´s time for Maximilian to leave this earth. He has been permaplat for a long time and goes in peace at age 79. Left behind is his daughter Vera, 32, who will now live alone here at Österås.

Her lonely life starts off with a promotion to MVP, and she brings a friend with her home.


She’s also continuing her quest for more lovers. Gilbert is a three-bolter, even though he’s got food poisoning since forever, and throws up in all Vera’s toliets.

She's also working out a lot, for her body skill and her fitness hobby interest. I’m not sure I really want to know where Vera keeps her phone while doing yoga…

The yoga session pays off, when Vera gets promoted to Superstar.

And she celebrates the promotion in true Vera fashion, with a woohoo session in the hottub. This is Joel, the college llama. Nothing more of interest happens at Österås, so there is where we leave off.

Österås after round 21:
Vera Johansson


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