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Tallåsen year 75-79, Scary Morfar

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin maxed his Creativity skill and worked in his flower shop. Melissa played with the family dog and grew up to child. Sofie trained the dog and seemed to hit the glass ceiling in her company, never getting promoted, despite the management's promises.

Martin is sick with the flu, but not worse than he’s able to go to his store.


He doesn’t open the store, but works on his stock instead, to be ready when he’s healthy again.

Sofie comes home promoted to CEO, a position that she was promised a long time ago, but has had to wait for until now.

Martin: ”Yes, Melissa, the single most important thing in life is to become financially independent. Look at your mother, she’s a CEO now!”
Melissa: “Ok, Pappa!”

That night, Orlando Ceder, Sofie's father, decides it's time for the family to remember him.

Orlando: ”BOOH!”
Melissa: ”Gaah! Morfar! I don’t like when you do that, at least not four times a night. I’m just a kid, I need to sleep!”

Seriously, he woke her up ALL night!

Melissa: ”Gah! I’m telling Mamma!”
Orlando: ”No you don’t!”

Melissa: “Mamma, didn’t you see that?!”
Sofie: “What? I smell a lovely familiar after shave!”
Melissa: “It’s Morfar! He keeps scaring me, but I didn’t do anything! Tell him to stop!”


Despite the hauntings during the night, Martin has the energy to go to his store the next day. And with the help of his girls the flower shop reaches level 5!
And by closing time, when Martin is able to leave the register, he earns his gold badge in stocking as he wished for for a long time.

The next day, while making himself a burnt nudel-o-rama, the shop reaches level 6!


Back home, Melissa is turning nocturnal, since her Morfar doesn’t let her sleep at night. Tonight she maxes her creativity skill.
And a few hours later, Martin maxes his Arts&Crafts enthusiasm and earns a plaque, just by preparing bouquets for his shop.


Back at the shop, the girls learn a lot, too. Both of them have at least one gold badge, which makes them qualified as managers, so Martin relaxes a bit in the dog bath (!)
Later on, even Martin himself earns his gold badge in sales, at the same time as the shop reaches level 7.


By level 8 the business even starts to have a better cash-flow. It works swimmingly!
However, since the dog bath got installed, Martin is rarely in his uniform anymore!
Then he earns his gold badge in flower arrangements. My very first sim ever to get that far! Now, we can sell snapdragons!


And back home, we have more good news – Sofie gets promoted to Business Tycoon at age 45, thereby fulfilling her LTW – 2p.
Now she wants to become The Law.

She immediately applies for a job as a Personal Injury Attorney, as it was available.


Then it’s time for Melissa to grow out of her pink princess dress and into a Popularity aspiration. I think that will suit her.
She turns on fron un-employed highly charismatic people, unless they are redheads.

And here is teen Melissa, preparing her breakfast in her brand new outfit. She decided she wants to become The Law, just as her mother wants right now.

However, the law career is not easy for Sofie. She gets fired her first day for making a wrongful decision of what to sue for. She gets fired from a bad chance card! And there the time is up - on to the big family of Ovanåker


Tallåsen after round 21:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Melissa Montell
Gumman, the Poodle


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