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Ovanåker year 75-79, A Tough Period

Previously at Ovanåker, Kevin was in charge of toddler training. Elisabeth and Rut proved to be equally mean, laughing at kids sleeping on the floor. Olle and Ludvig were born. Filip grew up to child. Elisabeth went to work and became a High School Principal. Then she got pregnant again and Ludvig grew up to toddler. Olle refused to grow up.

Olle, the baby who refused to grow up last round, is thrown through the air. He’s growing up whether he likes it or not.


What a cutie he is! Hopefully he will grow into his full lips later in life.
He is an extremely active Gemini, but at the same time, he’s pretty nice.

In the middle of the night, it’s time for the next baby. The contractions start traditionally in the bathroom.

It’s twins once again – one girl and one boy. They are born on the 9th of August ’76 at 3.09 am. To the left is Popular name no 46 – Natalie.
And to the right her brother Jesper, Popular name no 98.
Natalie got the light colours of the family, with her blue eyes and very light skin, while Jesper is a bit darker, with brown eyes and medium skin.


And from that moment on, chaos prevails again at Ovanåker. Babies, bottles and cat litter all over the place. Hungry and stinking parents, and no time to cook or clean.

And it just gets worse… They wear down one nanny at a time

Finally, it’s decided that they have to take turns to get out of the house. Kevin goes on an outing with his old friend Zacharias, and has some more energy to deal with the five kids at home when he gets back.

Also as a result of seeing other people, Kevin succeeds in getting in such a good mood that he could bear to look for his desired job in Politics again. And lo and behold, there is an opening as a lobbyist available!

The oldest (except from Rut who doesn’t live at home) Filip, has taken an interest in Logic, and studies the stars at night. It's his way to get out of the house.


Early Sunday morning, Elisabeth starts to suspect she’s pregnant again. With the still prevailing chaos here, there’s not much hope that she will carry it to term, though. But we’ll see.
A certain calm is falling upon the family during Sunday. They seem to have adjusted to being seven instead of five. The parents rarely find the time to get dressed, though. And tonight it's Ludvig's birthday!

Just when all the guests arrive for Ludvig’s party, Kevin teaches him to walk. That’s terrific, he’s got three out of four toddler skills in this family!


When the friends and family gathers around the cake, the rain starts to fall. It’s not as bad as when Filip grew up though, when Stella was disturbed in her grave.
Here he is, all grown up, looking like a clone of Kevin. I see nothing of his mother in him, at all. Interesting how different siblings can be!


It’s the babies’ birthday, too, and Jesper is the first one Kevin can lay his hands on.
Jesper looks a lot like Filip. And Kevin is not his usual sunny self. Maybe he’s getting bored by all the birthdays.
Jesper turns out to be an extremely neat, extremely outgoing, extremely active, but very mean Aries.

Elisabeth takes care of Natalie when time for her to blow out the candles. Elisabeth is however really pissed off by something. Maybe her eldest daughter’s shameless flirting with a married man double her age.

There is no birthday for Natalie. Instead she’s put on the floor where she falls promptly asleep, while her mother suffers early cramps and loses the pregnancy.
Kevin is at her side.

Kevin: “Don’t be sad. We already have six healthy children, and when you’re ready, we can try again if you want to!”

First day back at work, Kevin gets promoted to Campaign Manager, but doesn’t look particularly happy about it. Maybe his thoughts too linger with the miscarriage.

And the problems are not over with that – Filip comes home with a grade warning. Apparently noone saw to that he did his homework over the weekend. And with the mess in the house, it’s only natural, if not excusable.

With nightfall comes Natalie’s birthday. Since she refused to grow up with her twin she will now be considered one year younger than him, with a birthyear of ’77.

She has similar facial features as her brothers, but with a more delicate, feminine touch. She’s an Aries, too, but not as extreme as Jesper. She’s only extremely neat. This is turning into a family of neatfreaks!

It’s also Olle’s birthday. The only child so far that inherited his mother’s black hair. However, since it’s late, the police comes to break up the party.

With the same haircut as his brothers, Olle looks a lot like his uncle Georg. He really resembles the Mattsson’s more than any of his siblings.

Filip is exhausted and cannot do his homework properly. However, his grades need to be saved, so his brothers are doing his assignments, more or less volountarily.

The update draws to an end with the family still in disorder. Filip’s grades are better, but still pretty bad, and he’s so fun-deprived he refuses to do any more homework. Natalie is neglected in her high chair but needs a new diaper.
Ludvig spends time at the computer instead of doing something useful.


Olle sleeps in his parents’ bed. The only one with a mood above red is Jesper, who gets a bath from the nanny.
And finally, we have another close call for a miscarriage. Elisabeth really should take it easy!


Ovanåker after round 21:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Jesper Burlin
Natalie Burlin
Sara, the cat


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