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Öljung year 75-79, Cristopher's Lovers

Previously at Öljung, Cristopher continued his cheating ways without Thea finding out. Annika got pregnant and gave birth to Cecilia Lind, who grew up to toddler. Cristopher got a plaque in Music&Dance and Annika worked in the garden, while Simon skilled. Thea reached Fortune IW and retired from her job as a Criminal Mastermind.

Simon Bardh, the Knowledge father, teaches his daughter Cecilia Lind to talk.


It makes them both happy.


Meanwhile, his father Cristopher is dating college girls. This time it’s Kattis Andersson.
Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to keep up with young girls anymore, but falls asleep during their date. Kattis cannot believe her eyes.

However, after a refreshing nap, he manages to score with her and she looks happy again. She’s his 10th unique lover – half way there...

Christopher gets invited to an outing as soon as he gets home, so he’s out again. He’s bragging about what a great kisser he is, and Amy here cannot believe this old guy in a wetsuit is actually hitting on her.

Amy: “Yuck! Go away!”

Ok, no use in pursuing her further!

Back home, Thea, still oblivious of what Christopher is up to, teaches Cecilia to go potty, after a session of teaching the girl a nursery rhyme.

That night, Simon gets promoted to Cult Leader, my very first. 1p, since it wasn’t his LTW.

Saturday, Thea invites her nephew Leif and her other son Noel for lunch. The age difference between Thea and Leif is just 12 years, since Thea is the youngest daughter of Dan Mattsson, and Leif is the eldest son of Dan’s eldest daughter Ida.

Thea has one extra brother compared to the other Mattsson siblings – Evert Myhr was her half-brother on her mother’s side, while all the others are half-siblings on her father’s side.
Her twin sons, Noel and Simon, have one child each. None of them are married, but Simon lives with his daughter’s mother in this very house.

I never had a Cult Leader before, and I never saw one either. Look, they have a helicopter pool and a slim white uniform! Note brother Noel arriving when Simon is off for work ...

While Simon is at work, his Romance girlfriend Annika takes a dip in the hottub with his Romance brother Noel.

That night, when Simon arrives home, he studies his last cooking skill point and reaches his lifelong dream of maxing all skills. 1p! Since his LTW is also the Knowledge IW, we get another 3p!

Simon is 34 years old when he reaches his dream. Now he wants to become a City Planner

Cristopher continues his dating. This is Charlotta Karlsson, a townie Romancer. It starts good.

Their second date is interrupted by Vera, who is a very jealous Romance sim. She catches Cristopher being on a date with another woman and goes ballistic! Who are you to judge, Vera?

Cristopher just shrugs and continues his date with Charlotta, who falls in love with him when he’s jumping her on the sofa at the Dance lot, his favourite date spot.


In the evening it’s Cecilia’s birthday, and the guests entertain themselves in the hobby garage. The cousins Sofia and Leif still look like clones. Then there's cake!

The ones who don’t have dayjobs spend their days drinking and soaking in the hottub. The cramped garden forced me to take the picture from inside the car!

Cristopher has another date, with Mattsmyra’s second female maid Gerd. He’s got that strange wish to woohoo five service sims. And he scores!


Back home, Cecilia is working on her body skill. Her preferred hobby is fitness, but unfortunately the sand sack gives sports enthusiasm, which the Sim Godess keeps forgetting.

Then all the family plus Vera crams themselves into the study. Cecilia learns to study from her Knowledge father at the same time as her mother Annika maxes her body skill. Cristopher surfs the web for new recepies and Thea just hangs around in her underwear.


Later that night, Cecilia’s Mormor and Morfar come to visit. They are rarely here. Cecilia probably inherited her black hair from one of them, or from Farmor Thea, they were all black-haired when they were younger.

Cecilia descends from two original families – The Linds and the Mattssons. She looks mostly like a Mattsson I must say.


And Cristopher dates another townie – the Mattsson looking Julia Malmros. They hardly knew each other when he asked her out, but she’s a Romancer, so it works pretty fine anyway

At nightfall they end up in the hottub at the spa… and... Score!

On to the next three-bolter Romancer, Agnes Mattsson, children’s books author and mother of one. And grand-niece to Cristopher's wife Thea.

After two dates back-to-back Cristopher gets as far as making out with Agnes.
And on the third he scores! Agnes is his 14th unique lover. Only 6 to go!

Anneli is an easy girl. Score on the first date! She’s number 15.

Then it’s time for the two-bolters. Carla is receptive of Cristopher’s advances.
Very receptive, and very not shy!

Cristopher is running out of luck. When he was out on a date with Carla, he met Jill, who is another three-bolter. Now when he asked Jill on a date, one of his old lovers, Johanna catches him, and she’s not pleased!

Oops! Britta Logren was there, too!

And thereby we come to an abrupt end of this update.

Öljung after round 21:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Annika Lind
Cecilia Lind


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