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Storfallet year 75-79, Grocery Expert

Previously at Storfallet, Britta bought her first grocery store and worked it to level 4. Robin wrote his first best-seller, about how to earn money. Konrad and Britta grew up to elders. Robin met his pregnant daughter Caroline for the first time. Kerstin wrote bestsellers and advanced in her criminal career. No romance was to be seen.

We start off this childless townie household with Kerstin Tidholm, who gets promoted to Criminal Mastermind at age 46.


Her new dream is to become a Worldknown Balletdancer. We’ll see what we can do.

Zeeshan sells groceries until the shop reaches level 5.

Unfortunately, Jim the reviewer is in a bad mood today, and writes a bad review. Britta doesn’t care, since she just laid eyes on the hottest widower in Mattsmyra, Sebastian Montell.

Back home, Kerstin puts on her sexy uniform and heads off to work. That uniform is much better on adults than on elders.

Robin, who had to restart his career after a bad decision before, gets promoted to Bookmaker.

Robin: “It feels like a déjà-vu all over again”

The store reaches level 6 by the next night. Not much happens in between the levels, that’s why there aren’t very many pictures.

Kerstin starts a new novel, about her plans as an Evil Empress.

With the great help of Zeeshan, Britta’s grocery store reaches level 7. It’s a very popular place!

Back home, Robin gets promoted to Con Artist

Robin: “It’s still like a déjà-vu!”

So he starts a mystery sci-fi novel with lots of twists and turns and open ends.

And we have level 8. Yay for Zeeshan! And level 9 in the same session!

During one of her rare visits at home, Britta cooks a lunch of sea bass for her family and friends. Then she’s off to the store again.

Just a few customers later, the store reaches level 10. Remember the face of this young man, he’s an excellent salesman and has a big role in Britta’s success.

Immediately Britta packs up and goes home to sell the store
And to buy a new one. She chooses the Round Barn, to continue her experience in groceries, but also to go into clothing.

The first thing Britta wants to do when arriving to her new lot is to hire Zeeshan again. Smart move! Unfortunately he’s not on the list of available employees, so she invites him over instead.

I can’t believe he’s named Montell, too! Anyway, this is how Zeeshan looks like when he’s not in uniform. He’s an origianl townie teen, so look out for him in your game if you want a good employee! Unfortunately Zeeshan is not selectable to talk to, so Britta fails in hiring him.

The start of her new company isn’t really good for Britta, when she’s trying to do it on her own. A new reporter writes a bad review about the establishment.
The next morning, Britta invites Zeeshan over again, and this time she’s able to offer him an employment. He’s happy to help.

The plan is to teach Zeeshan to handle the register while the shop is at a low level, so that the customers are more patient with a slow worker. Therefor Britta handles the sales herself.

David Ottomas gave Britta a level 1 company, and now David Sandvall gices her level 2. Maybe we should call in David Lind to give her level 3 :)

Level 3 is instead reached with the help of Edward Djärv. Again it was such luck to find Zeeshan and re-employ him. She also promotes him to manager.

Back home, Robin, 70, is promoted to Getaway Driver.

Robin: “I’m too old for this!”

The same day, Konrad gets promoted to Visionary Artist, which is the TOC of the Artist career. 1p!

Robin only has to work as a getaway driver one night, then he gets promoted again, to Bankrobber.

Robin: “That’s more like it!”

Kerstin has wished for a gold badge in fishing for a long time, and now she got it. Her Nature interest has increased while fishing, so now she wishes for a plaque in Nature enthusiasm.

Robin, now 72, is promoted to Cat Burglar

Robin: “Here we go again, I’m too old for this!”

Storfallet after round 21:
Robin Logren
Britta Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm


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