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Vallsta year 75-79, Golden Years

Previously at Vallsta, Jonas gave financial advice over the internet and went on an outing with a friend noone else knows. Christel finished her junk car and named it Silver Lightning. Then she got fired from her Law job. Jonas and Christel both grew up very well to elders.

We start off this Fortune household of two elders with Jonas, reaching the Fortune IW of earning 100.000§.

He's always giving advice autonomously

Christel enjoys her unemployed life and meets some friends and pursues her hobbies.

One of her hobbies is painting, and she maxes her Creativity skill through that. Why Sofia Mattsson is trying to steal the newspaper I wouldn’t know.

Jonas comes home promoted to Business Tycoon again. It was his third LTW and third TOC, so we don’t get any points for it, even if does.

The rest of the round they are skilling, since they wish for skill points like if they were Knowledge sims.

Five days, five pictures. Next time, we'll have to do something drastical!

Vallsta after round 21:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon


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