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Sörbo year 75-79, The General

Previously at Sörbo, Gerd moved out to start her University studies. Alfa hated the school bus, the delivery truck and the mailwoman. Benny grew up to an adult dog. Louise flirted with My Montell, her intended. Adam and Aron grew up to teens, claiming a Pleasure and Fortune aspiration.

Alfa and Benny was in a fight, and Alfa lost. Then she ran away from home.


Adam: “Hello, Animal Control? Yes, you know, our dog Alfa just ran away. She's a small foxhound. Can you keep an eye out for her?”

Adam’s sister and brother, Louise and Aron, spend Sunday playing chess. They are building skills to get University scolarships. Louise will go to Uni on Tuesday. 

Jerry, who just wants to have three kids that have a University degree, works in Show Business. Today he was promoted to Leading Man.

Aron is a typical Fortune teen and wants to attend private school. The headmaster is invited, but Aron is at work in his Adventure job, so Adam greets him when he arrives.

While Adam is giving the headmaster the house tour, Aron comes home promoted to Spelunker.

And while cooking for the headmaster, Ingeborg grows up very well to elder.

Unfortunately, she burns the porkchops, and looks a little worried about it.
The dinner is going fine, though, with all the family sitting around the table and the discussion revolving around Jerry’s latest film project.

Ingeborg didn’t have to worry. The headmaster is very happy with the meal and the reception he had at the Wern house. Louise, Adam and Aron are accepted in private school.

However, Louise will not take the opportunity to go to private school, since she’s ready to start her university studies. She gets five scholarships – for grades, mechanical, body, logic and dance. We will follow her up to and including her Junior year in the Uni update.

At an age of 54, Ingeborg reaches her Lifetime goal of becoming a General. Since it’s the top of the Military career, we get 2p!
Her new LTW is to become a Rock God. That will not happen, since she’s too old!

Adam, who is a Pleasure sim, spends his afternoon in his pyjamas, dating a girl named Vanessa. She’s a two-bolter.
And that night he gets his first kiss from her… Ah, young romance!

While the teens are dating, Jerry arrives home from work and turns into an elder. He lost his hair! Well, he’ll have to leave the casanova roles behind him and start playing a grandfather instead.

Aron concentrates more on his career and school work. He doesn’t have any wishes for a girlfriend, even though he’s got one already – Ulrika Myhr.

Today Aron was promoted to the top of his teen career as an adventurer. He’s now a multiregional one or other.

Cool! Another TOC that has a helicopter pool! Ingeborg is my first General ever, so this was a first, too!

Just when Ingeborg left for work, Sanjay Ramaswami came by with Alfa, who has been away a few days. Let’s see if she stays this time.

Ingeborg wants to prevent that the dogs are gone so long if they run away again, so she goes to the petshop to buy them collars.

Carita seems to collect info for gossiping. Or she didn’t know Ingeborg was so old.

That night, Aron gets demoted to Spelunker again due to a bad chance card, but he still claims he had a great week. Well, congratulations!Unfortunately he loses his scolarship for young entrepreneurs in the process.

On the other hand, Jerry gets promoted to Blockbuster Director and gets to ride a limo pool!
And there the time is up for this update. See you next time!

Sörbo after round 21:
Ingeborg Wern
Jerry Wern
Aron Wern
Adam Wern
Alfa, the foxhound
Benny, the collie


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