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Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 75-79, Lovisa grows up

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, Engla and Hugo came back from University. They had a big wedding and their daughter Lovisa was born. Elin was skilling and started in private school. Tessa reached her dream of becoming Chief of Staff at age 55. Elmer reached his goal of becoming Captain Hero at age 53. Engla started her career in the SCIA and Hugo in the Science field.

Hugo gets the opportunity to steal a young scientist’s works and gets caught up in a moment’s madness.


Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, he’s found out and gets fired. (Chance card)

Then, on the porch of his own house, he meets Caroline, the love collector, who kisses him on the cheek. Their college encounter comes alive again in his mind, and he falls in love with her again.
One minute later, Engla comes out, leaving for work. She missed the whole thing, which is probably very fortunate. She's in love with Caroline too. Caroline acts as if nothing happened.

Elin still skills all of her free time and maxes one skill after another.

Elin takes a break in skilling to help her niece blow out the candles on her cake.

Lovisa turns out to be an extremely outgoing Aries, who is also very neat, active and mean. She’s got the most giant eyes I’ve seen, but otherwise she looks exactly like every other Mattsson girl.

In the middle of Lovisa’s party, Engla arrives home, promoted to Field Agent.

Hugo wants to have a new job in the Science career, but cannot find one. While looking through the ads he finds a position as a Junior Officer, and decides he wants to try that out for the time being.

He doesn’t stop looking though, and already after one day of working as a Military he secures a position as an Inventor in the Science career track.

Hugo was born as generation 2, son of Loke Mattsson, CAS toddler, and Barbara Lennestål. He’s got two sisters and a brother, plus nine nieces and nephews. He’s married to his high school sweetheart Engla Ramirez and they have a daughter, Lovisa.

Engla (Ramirez) Mattsson was born as generation 3, daughter of Tessa Ramirez, ”townie” kid, and Elmer Tång, college llama. She’s of course married to Hugo Mattson and is the mother of Lovisa. She also has an alien half-sister, Elin, by her father Elmer.

Elin spends her last day at home skilling like crazy, to get as many scolarships as possible. Her LTW is to max 7 skills, and she’s determined to do it before she finishes her studies at Uni.

In the evening, Hugo comes from from his first day back in the Science career, promoted to Researcher. He’s bringing a basket of groceries and his new workmate Tabitha Curtin (new townie, I think, never saw her before)

Elin Tång collects her seven scolarships and applies for University.
And then she leaves. Bye, bye Elin, see you up to and including you sophomore year later this round!

And all of a sudden it’s time for Lovisa’s next birthday. She has been taught walking, talking, singing and pottying in the background, and she has also aquired a few skill points. Morfar Elmer invited the present college llama to attend the festivities.

Lovisa’s a Mattsson girl, alright! That jawline is very strong. I hope she’ll grow into it!

Being raised in this Knowledge house means a lot of skill building, even for Lovisa. She likes it though. She always wishes to increase her logic skill. Hugo needs to increase, too, and teaches her how to play.
I’m glad she didn’t inherite her father’s concave face. She has more of a Ramirez profile.

Hugo: “Congratulations on having two best friends already!”
(Her mother and her grand-father)

After her first day of school, Lovisa brings Ludvig Burlin home. They could have become a cute couple, if he wasn’t one of her many cousins...

The skill session at the chess table pays off when Hugo gets promoted to Topsecret Researcher. But not even topsecret researchers seem to be spared from mundane tasks as grocery shopping. He’s coming home with yet another basket of milk, eggs and peanut butter that can be cooked into turkey and chili dinners.

(He’s got the groceries in his inventory since I played Britta’s grocery shops, and bring out one and puts it in the fridge each time he comes home)

When the night falls, and Ludvig went home, Mormor Tessa teaches Lovisa to study. Lovisa needs to find something else to wear now when the autumn draws near.
Well, that’s better. It’s Tessa’s old denim dress! She’s talking to Ludvig on the phone. He’s the only person she knows.

Engla comes home promoted to Double Agent. Apparently Hugo forgot to text her that he already bought groceries. And outside the house, looking all suspicious, is Kevin, Ludvig’s father. If you talk to a kid at night, the parent comes to check you out. That’s how it works in the Simiverse.

Strandbrynsvägen after round 21:
Tessa Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson
Lovisa Mattsson


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