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University year 77-79, Part 2

Part 1

After year 76, the inhabitants at Helsinge Nation are

Märta Sandvall, Popularity, Psychology Senior, SCL
My Montell, Romance, Literature Senior, SCL


Year 77, Landgraab Dorm

Louise comes to the Landgraab dorm with her mother Ingeborg, full of wishes for her teenaged friends to come to Uni. They will, but in a year or two. She also wishes to apply for a Greek house membership. A full fledged Popularity sim is what she is!

The first person passing by the dorm is Rut Mattsson, the Uni baby. She is a member of Helsinge Nation, so Louise decides to ask her if she can join.

But Rut, the bitch, shoots her down

Rut: “I don’t think you’re the type of member we’re looking for right now”

Louise has never been so humiliated in all her life.

Louise: “I’ll show you bitch! When I call my lover My – I will move in to the Greek House before you do!”

Louise: ”Can you please tell that bitch Rut that it took me a full two minutes to be accepted without her help”
Märta: “Well, don’t rub it in her face, she’s a bit messed up, being kept in limbo for so long”


Year 77, Helsinge Nation

The night Louise moves in to Helsinge Nation, the girls throw a toga party to celebrate. Also, My and Louise reconnect in their love for each other.
And they really seal the deal this time. Since Louise is a few years younger then My, My never touched her like this before. It was worth waiting for!

Louise chooses Drama as her major, since she wishes to become a Hall of Famer

Märta tries very hard to make Louise feel welcome. They become fast friends, which also pushes Märta over the edge of being a Big Sim on Campus! 1p!

Just as My comes home from her second to last finals, her past catches up with her. She had her fair share of campus lesbians before Louise arrived. Now Sofia was congratulating her on yet another perfect result with a big kiss on the mouth, and Christa saw it. She was not pleased!

To celebrate her first semester, Louise throws another toga party and works on her friends list. Johannes here was more fun when she was younger – I guess she outgrew him at some point in time.

And that night, when Louise leaves for class, My ends up in bed with Sofia. It was apparently their first time, which surprises me, since My has been in love with this girl forever. Well, Louise has to live with things like this I’m afraid, since My is a Romancer.

Then it’s time for My to graduate. She does so with a Summa Cum Laude in Literature. 1p!
The graduation picture is only a little bit over exposed. My will move to her own place and start her life while waiting for Louise to graduate, too.

Then it’s Märta’s turn. I think this is the first time in her life that we can see her heartshaped face and tiny ears. She’s a beauty! And she’s smart, graduating SCL in Psychology. 1p!
Märta was a bit tired and slept through her excellent party. Then she woke up and took her graduation picture in her pyjamas, with the notorious GH lover Tony.

That leaves us with only Louise living in the Greek House, but she will not be alone for long, Elin has moved in to the Pine Cone dorm and just waits to apply to Helsinge Nation.

Furthermore, Louise succeeded a while back to become a Big Sim on Campus, but I missed it. 1p!
Louise is a Popularity sim so it’s no surprise, really. She’s now a Drama Sophomore and so far she maintains SCL grades.


Year 78 Pinecone Dorm

Elin arrives alone to Pinecone Dorms and cannot wait to start her studies! However, a new outfit might be a good idea, but that can wait until we can check out what’s left at the Greek house by earlier generations.

Since she’s already best friends with Louise, Elin just has to call and say she wants to be part of the Greek House, and it’s fixed!


Year 78, Helsinge Nation

Elin likes it in the Greek House and continues her skilling as soon as she’s settled in. Her LTW is to max 7 skills, as you might remember.

The two girls have a lot of people over all the time. Especially Louise of course. But as long as you can combine skilling with hanging with friends, Elin is on, too!
The next few days of raising her Creativity skill, results in a visit from the Music&Dance lady, who gives her a plaque. 1p!

Then Louise tries out the pleasures Sofia can give her, just as My did. She’s very satisfied with the results.


After year 78 we have two inhabitants at Helsinge Nation:

Elin Tång, Knowledge, Sophomore with No declared major, SCL
Louise Wern, Popularity, Junior Drama, SCL.


 Year 79, The dorms

The kids born in Mattsmyra ’60, arrive to the dorm at night. The newcomers are:

Monica Berg, Family Cancer
Marcus Montell, Knowledge Gemini
Elisabet Hartwig, Family Aries.

They are here to join someone we have waited for for a long time:

RUT MATTSSON, born at Helsinge Nation, raised in the dorms, kept in limbo for years. Let’s look at her statistics:

She’s a Fortune Scorpio with a Mathematics major. She’s got very few skill points, since she grew up too quickly. She has only 7 friends, which disappoints me. I was sure she would be a Big Sim by now. Anyway, this is just a quick look at her, since she will be moving to the Greek house immediately.

Leave them unattended for one minute… Marcus and Elisabet are going steady even from home. The first thing they do is to seal their relationship. None of them are using any contraceptives, since we haven’t had time to arrange it. You better not get pregnant young lady!

Marcus wants to become the head of SCIA and chooses an Economics major to help him get there. Monica and Elisabet both have the 6grandchildren LTW and will not delare any major until they roll the want for something.

Monica is the first of the new kids to apply for Greek House membership. She knows Elin and Rut enough already and has to concentrate on her cousin Louise. They never even met before, it’s a scandal!

Elisabet is the next applicant to Helsinge Nation. She tells Elin what a hot boyfriend she’s got. Rut looks fantastic in a toga! I have missed her so much all these years she’s been in limbo 

Later the same day, the girls are back to try Marcus out. He doesn’t know Louise and Elin very well, but Monica and elisabet are his best friends, and Rut is an aquaintance bordering to friendship.


 Year 79, Helsinge Nation

The life at Helsinge Nation does not have a great start. Marcus, the only guy among five girls, messes up his relationship with Elisabet by flirting with Monica. The readers might recall, if they have a terrific memory, that Monica took advantage of her friend Marcus to get her first kiss before she left for Uni. Apparently that was a mistake.

Marcus: ”Elisabet, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what got into me! She kissed me once when we were teens, and now... I really don’t know what happened. Forgive me, please!!”

Elisabet: ”Ok, I choose to believe you. It’s cool, but just take it easy for a while, ok?”

In the meantime, Elin, with her last Cleaning point, reaches her LTW at an age of 21 – a new Mattsmyra record. Incidently, her LTW is also the Knowledge IW, so it results in 4p!

Her new LTW is to become a Mad Scientist

Elisabet decides to get even with Marcus once and for all, and takes HER first teenage kiss, Johannes Ljunggren, to her bed. She invited him and his sister Molly to Uni. They were both her best friends when they grew up.

Louise makes a move on Christa, the other longterm GH hangaround lesbian. They look beautiful together!

Rut and Marcus try each other out. This might be an extraordinarily complicated batch of students... And Marcus' behaviour seems to be more standard than extraordinary

Elin never showed any interest at all in parties or romance before, but now, when she’s fully educated, and reached her LTW, she wanted to arrange a greek party, and she also wants to woohoo. She’s got two bolts with Elisabet’s two lovers, Johannes and Marcus, but it would be foolish to get in there. Her other two-bolters are all married men.

She has one bolt with the college llama Joel, which might be more suitable. Her own father Elmer was a college llama in his days.

After year 79 we summarize:

Louise Wern, Popularity, Drama senior, MCL
Elisabet Hartwig, Family, History sophomore, MCL
Rut Mattsson, Fortune, Mathematics sophomore, SCL
Elin Tång, Knowledge, Physics sophomore, SCL
Marcus Montell, Knowledge, Economics sophomore, MCL
Monica Berg, Family, Literature sophomore, SCL


After year 79 we have a pretty full Greek House, and j68's inability to keep all grades up is obvious. With one or two students it's easy, but with a full house - no can do!



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