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Runemo year 75-79, David Resurrected

Previously at Runemo, Oliver and Pontus were born and grew up to toddlers. Märta left for University and the old cat Robin died. A new kitten, Cosmos, was adopted. Annika had good grades and grew up to a Family teen with the LTW to marry off 6 kids.

Annika Sandvall thinks she has waited long enough for her first kiss and leaps on her friend Anders Ljunggren, little brother of Johannes and Molly, featured in the Uni update.


She even makes it a make-out. Her father thinks that kids are growing up very fast these days. Annika is 13...
You could thing she’s a Romancer, but she’s actually a Family girl. She wants to marry off 6 kids, so maybe she wants a head start...

It’s the last babies’ birthday today. Pontus and Oliver are growing up to children.
They get matching robes for presents. There’s no risk that the brothers will get confused anyway!


Sunday, the weather is nice, and David and Annika work on their common project – the junkcar. They both have a tinkering interest, and now Annika is old enough to be allowed near the car. David started the work already when Annika was little.

The boys spend the morning playing football, still in their robes.

Then Barbro arranges an outing for all the Sandvall family, including Märta, who just graduated and has her own house in the other end of town.


In the afternoon, the Garden Club is invited to inspect the garden. Barbro and Annika works like crazy to make the garden look its best.
The Garden Club grants Barbro a membership, but no wishing well. What held the score down was the fruit trees, that noone in this family is capable of doing anything with.


It’s terribly hot this afternoon. David was exhausted when they came home from the park, and probably dehydrated. He went to bed. A few hours later he wakes up with a fever and is completely overheated.
He collapses on the floor and dies. This is one day before both Barbro and David will turn elders, and Barbro could get her LTW of a Golden Anniversary.

Barbro: ”Please spare him, I love him so! Think about the children! (And just a little about my Golden Anniversary!”
(It’s the kitten Cosmos who is hungry behind David)

And she wins! David is coming back!


After their first day of school, both boys bring home girls. Pontus brings Lovisa Mattsson and Oliver Cecilia Lind. The girls are second cousins. Dan Mattsson was both their great-grandfather.

They have a couple of hours fun before it’s time for the girls to go home. Since the girls are from the Mattsson clan and the boys from the Montell clan, there might some future matchmaking here, but it's too early to say. There are many options in this generation.

It’s also time for Barbro and David to grow up to elders, and for Barbro to fulfill her lifetime dream of celebrating Golden Anniversary
David, our Drama King loses his hair and gets an old man’s shirt, but seems to be happy anyway.

Among others, Barbro’s ever smiling sister Anna is invited to the anniversary party, which is not registered as such. It must be because David hadn’t transitioned when Barbro called in the party.

At last, David has reached his dreams of becoming a Mad Scientist, at age 54. Unfortunately, he now has the wish to become a Prestidigitator, but it’s too late for him.
Barbro comes home promoted to Soil Identifier. Annika is carpooling home with her from her Law Enforcement parttime job.


Oliver succeeded in getting an A+ report card, despite the fact that he didn’t do his homework. How is that happening?
Pontus did do at least part of his assignment, but ended up with B+.
Life isn’t fair, that’s for sure. Pontus starts to deal with his pile...

Then she repeats the invitation from yesterday, to an anniversary party. This time, it fulfills her LTW. Her new LTW is to become the Education Minister. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to wish it the other way around? Now it will not happen.

And just randomly, we give you the family tree, that doesn't fit in the square. Barbro is the second child of CAS teen Inger Johansson and townie Jesper Montell. Barbro has an elder brother, Simon, and four younger siblings, Anna, Martin, Malva and Sebastian.
She's married to her college sweetheart David Sandvall and they have four children - Märta, Annika and the twins Pontus and Oliver.


Last night’s effort with the pile of homework gave results for Pontus, who comes home with an A+ report card. Oliver who continued his way of not doing his homework slipped this time. More fair, I must say.
Barbro continues to get promotions, to Rogue Botanist this time. Oliver welcomes his mother home. Maybe it’s time to deal with that pile of homework...

Oliver: ”Thanks, Mamma, for teaching me how to study. Can I go play now?”
Barbro: “Well, I wouldn’t think so, you have quite a pile to deal with still. Then you can play!”

Annika works hard and keeps out of trouble (scam chance on chance card that she turned down), and gets promoted to Guard, which is TOC for Law Enforcement for teens.
And with that show of everyday life, and a dramatic resurrection, we leave Runemo for now.

Runemo after round 21:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Annika Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Cosmos, the Cat


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