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Svedja year 75-79, Always Smiling

Previously at Svedja, we had lots of family love. Siri grew up to a toddler. Oscar and Wilhelm grew up to Popularity and Pleasure teens. We found Oscar is gay. The family adopted their elder dog Falco. The boys started dating, and that was it.

Welcome back to the closest family in Mattsmyra.


The family members of the Törnblad family is always interacting with each other. Anna sings a nursery rhyme with Siri before she leaves for work.

In the afternoon the boys, Oscar and Wilhelm, comes home and start working on the pile of homework that has been building over the week.

Anna and Allan are carpooling together, and today Anna is promoted to Scatmaster. I'm still doubtful if that should really be considered a promotion.

What did I tell you? This is a close family. Even the teenage boys autonomously cuddles their little sister.

Then, birthday! Anna, always smiling, takes Siri, also always smiling, to her cake.


During the weekend Siri takes some time to meet the neighbourhood kids. This is Jenny Mattsson from nextdoor.

And Lovisa Mattsson, Jenny’s cousin

And the Burlin boys, who are also cousins to Jenny and Lovisa.

Filip is of a suitable age for Siri. The others are younger than her. In this generation we actually have quite a few boys, so we’ll se which one she chooses later on. If she doesn’t turn gay.

Olle and Lovisa stay so late that they get picked up by their father and grand-father. No one wants to leave the pleasant house of Svedja!

Allan gets promoted to Medical Researcher, but looks like he’s about to cry. Maybe it’s because of the long list of friends that just claimed not to be friends anymore. He doesn’t have the time to keep up with both his skills and his friends.

When Siri is not playing with kids her own age, she plays with her brothers. Wilhelm doesn’t feel it’s beneath him to play with the dollhouse.

The boys bring home friends from school to hang with. Oscar finds Sixten hot. He’s gay, remember?

Siri brings home her cousin Pontus to play football. She has terrific grades, bit could use some exercise. She's getting a bit chubby. Or we'll have to buy her a dress that hides her belly.


And Allan, stonefaced, gets promoted to Chief of Staff and will live happily ever after, since it was his LTW. 2p!
His new LTW is to become a Space Pirate, and he accepts a position as Spelunker while Anna and Oscar skill. And there this update ends. See you next time!

Svedja after round 21:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Siri Törnblad
Falco, the Highland terrier


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