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Los year 75-79, Love Is Gay

Previously at Los, we had an unnecessary baby, Berit, who grew up to an unnecessary toddler. We did some landscaping to be able to eat breakfast without all the customers at IKEA checking us out. Patric was skilling and Love played with Melissa Montell.

Love has great grades and Patric has a very special job outfit.


We’re back at Los, at one of the many Mattsson decendants’ homesteads.


It’s a special day in another way, too. Love is growing up to be a teenager!
He chooses the path of Fortune and turns on by creative clowns but turns off from partners with high positions.


The party is a great success, and Love has a great start to his teen years.
It turns out Love is extremely gay. Time to introduce him to Oscar Törnblad I believe...

Little sister Berit finds her true hobby is tinkering. The activity table is fantastic while working on that interest!

Both the parents are mad about bamboo, and had their inventories full of it when the round started. Therefor, there’s a veritable bamboo forest forming on this lot.

Emilia, the Grilled Cheese sim, gets promoted to Warhead Disarmer and loses some friends.

Anna Montell, Oscar’s mother, is one of Emilia’s best friends. One night she invites Anna and her family, to make sure Love and Oscar meet. There is one bolt.


More importantly, Love invites the headmaster, to hopefully getting into private school. BJ is satisfied with the housetour, and blends in with the curtains.
With a really nice Lobster Thermidor, Patric secures a place in private school for Love.

Emilia is such a good mother. She’s always doting on her two children, who were supposed to be only one. Maybe that’s why she’s particularly fond of her little girl Berit, because the SimGodess is not...

Oops! Someone missed a certain girl’s birthday! Berit grows up very well to child.
Berit is very interested to learn all sorts of stuff, and to play chess with her father is one of her favourite pastimes.


Saturday, the Törnblad family is invited again. Love hangs with Oscar. While Berit plays with Siri.

Emilia gets promoted to Hostage Negociator and is missed by her college friends. Maybe it’s time to plan a reunion party!

Love and Oscar are getting really close. It’s your parents’ bed Love! Well, I guess you two are an official issue now. I'm glad we could keep in within the range of the playable sims, we have enough of townies.

Congratulations, boys! (Please note that they went no further than this :))

Los after round 21:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Love Carlsson
Berit Carlsson


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