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Rävkullen year 75-79, Ricky Enters

Previously at Rävkullen, Lena spent time with her cousins and found a job in her desired Military career. Emmy was born and grew up to toddler. Max spent time with his biological father Ricky Cormier.

Max Benett is sick with the flu, and it’s a very hot day.


He’s coming down with a high fever and has nightmares about something he saw on TV.

When he gets out of bed to get something to drink, he faints on the bedroom floor.

Luckily, he wakes up just a few moments later and is able to drink some water. Emmy plays with her bunny head and didn’t notice a thing.

Lena gets promoted to Senior Officer and brings a new friend with her home. Maybe not such a great idea, considering how sick Max is.

Max has gotten a good relationship with his biological father Ricky lately, and wants to suggest that Ricky move in with them. However, Ricky is not at all ready to give up he free life that he always had.

Regardless if Ricky moves in or not, the family is bound to grow anyway. Lena is pregnant again.

Then it’s Emmy’s birthday. Everybody is here! Max’ favourite professor and Emmy’s aunt Sofie for example.

Ricky has had time to process the suggestion Max had lately, and has decided he does want to share his son’s and his family’s life. It is decided that Ricky moves in.


The Music&Dance Lady passes by to give Lena a membership card to the dance lot, but gets held up in the middle of birth contractions. It’s time for baby no 2.
Of course it’s a girl. She is born on the 22nd of September ’78 at 8.52 pm, and gets Popular name no 57 – Stina. She’s named after her father’s cousin, who he grew up with.


Ricky doesn’t let his illegitimate son’s family life put a damper on his own love life. He invites Cecilia for a woohoo. Or so he hopes, anyway.
But his age takes its toll on poor Ricky, and he has to lie down without the lovely Cecilia, who ends up watching TV with Gerd, who is here not as a maid, but as a friend to the family.

Emmy works on her body skill and her ballet poses. “Second position, plié!”

She could need another workout dress though. This one isn't suitable for ballet.

And while Annika Lind is playing the guitar for the 18th hour straight, accompanied by the newly awakened Ricky, Lena teaches Emmy how to study.


Rävkullen after round 21:
Max Benett
Lena Benett
Emmy Benett
Stina Benett
Ricky Cormier


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