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Gondolkanalen 74 year 75-79, Blazing Inferno

Previously at Gondolkanalen, Helena was born. Malcolm and Malva started their careers in crime and competed about who had the highest rank. Siv grew up to a most unfortunate looking toddler and got some facial paint to hide it. At the end of the round she grew up very well to child.

Malcolm Markövertag is a really good father, doting on Helena all the time.

Her mother hardly has the chance to hold her before her father is there.

When Malcolm is not holding on to his youngest daughter, he’s cooking. He’s a real family man, even though many people might not believe that.

Siv comes home from school and washes off her facial paint. She’s happy with the result. And she really seems to have grown into her features.

Malcolm was so busy taking care of Helena and cooking, that he forgot to go to work. Malva went, and now she’s ahead of her husband again, working as a Courier. She’s losing touch with her sister Anna though.


For once, Malcolm doesn’t seem to care that Malva is ahead of him, he’s smustling with Siv. It’s Helena’s birthday and they are waiting for the guests to arrive.


Someone left something cooking in the oven, and it caught fire. Unfortunately, the fire fighter cannot get through since the guests are panicking in his path.

We better rearrange the vases...

However, as all simmers know, it cannot be done during a raging fire, so we’re stuck watching this horrid scene, with Siv closest to the flames. Kevin and Anna, would you please move and let the firefighter do his job?!

It gets worse, and Siv who is trapped inside frantically tries to keep away from the blaze. 

Another firefighter arrives just as Siv catches on fire. Oh, tragedy. Wonder what the Social worker will have to say about this? 

The new firefighter succeeds in sneaking in some fire fighting foam between the obstructing crowd. Maybe it will save Siv’s life...

Finally, the fire fighting time breaks through and can start their work in a proper way. Malva seems to be very upset that she tried to reconnect with her sister, who almost cost her daughter’s life.
I must say that’s a bit unfair, Anna is the best mother and most loving sim in all Mattsmyra, but in times of stress we do some stupid things sometimes.


Almost might have been a hasty statement. Siv is engulfed in flames yet again.

Ramin Ceder: “OK, this party is too loud! Time to go home.”
Oh yes, does anyone remember this is baby Helena’s birthday party?

In the aftermath of the fire, Siv falls asleep standing up. And the fire is not really extinguished either. Half the kitchen burned to the ground, including the refridgerator. And the party was boring...


Several hours later, Siv is still starving and sleep-deprived, and Malcolm too. Even Helena is very upset about the whole situation.

Malva is determined to make things return to normal as soon as possible, and takes Helena to her cake, just 10 hours late. Siv struggles with her sandwich and falls off her chair sleeping every other bite.

Helena has some unique features of her own, but not as bad as her sister. We won’t have to cover it up by facial paint. She turns out to be a very active and very playful Sagittarius. She looks a bit like Yoda, actually.


Saturday, the day after the big fire, Malcolm brings home his ”friend” Eva from work. The fire must have reminded him that life is short and there are so many beauties out there.
In his own house! Malcolm, you were such a nice guy, why did you have to ruin it?

Nanny Kim Lawson decides to leave before her shift is over, Malva isn’t even back yet. The family is low on cash and cannot pay her, so she steals a pot plant.

Oh, Nanny Lawson, you were such a good nanny, why did you have to ruin it?

Sunday morning, the peace is prevailing and the unfortunate looking sisters share a creative moment, painting pictures together.

Malcolm becomes a Courier, and Siv, who now is fine after the fire, hugs him hard when he comes home. He immediately goes back to work for a new shift.

Malva on the other hand decides to take a night off, to stay at home and teach Helena how to walk.
And when Malcolm comes home from his second shift, Malva is teaching Siv how to study. Malcolm is now ahead of his wife again in his career. He's a bookmaker.

Time flies, and it’s already time for Helena’s next birthday. Malva’s twin, the widowed Sebastian Montell, is pleased that he can take the now legal Rut Mattsson to his sister’s jaccuzzi and enjoy her there.


Then for the main attraction for the night. The party is a great success, thanks to uncle Sebastian.
It could have been a lot worse. Helena is nearly cute now when she’s a child, with her giant eyes.

Just a short look at the family tree of Malva. She's the youngest of the Montell siblings, and Siv and Helena have 12 cousins, most of them elder than themselves.

Malcolm and Malva enjoy a late lunch together when the girls come home from school. Siv has worked hard and gets A+ grades!

And we end this update with the happy, yet not very pretty sisters, smustling on the sidewalk. See you next time!


Gondolkanalen 74 after round 21:
Malva Markövertag
Malcolm Markövertag
Siv Markövertag
Helena Markövertag


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