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Långhed year 75-79, No Clones

Previously at Långhed, Kevin started a career in Oceanography and got promoted to Sea Lice Assistant. Oscar found his preferred hobby, which is Nature and grew up to child. Vidar and Saga were born and grew up to toddlers. Agnes couldn't cope with the housework, so her mother Marita spent almost all her time in her daughter's house, to help out.

We start at the aftermath of the tiresome toddler party last round. Agnes is stinking, but still tries to clean up a bit in he underwear.


Her mother Marita, who were such a great help to her last round, passed away. Luckily she left her daughter some money, which is most welcome. This house has a lack of everything!

And next thing we know is that Agnes is pregnant again. We’ll see if it lasts...

Luckily it’s still summer, since Saga sneaks out in her pyjamas to catch the pretty fireflies
Vidar is not so lucky, falling asleep in the sun with his mittens on. How will this family ever manage 6 kids? (Kevin’s LTW)

Oscar, the eldest son, is helping out with doing his chores without complaining. He takes out the trash. There are enormous amounts of garbage produced in this house with two toddlers, and a nanny who overfeeds them.

Oscar is a good big brother, too, and shares his toys with his little sister.
Or not! That was really mean, Oscar! And I find it realistic, more than the sickenly sweet sibling relations we usually have here in Mattsmyra.

Even though she’s pretty messed up, Agnes is able to cook for her family, and she had her second pop. Now lets’s hope this ends well.

Oscar gives his brother the same treatment as their sister got. Well, at least he doesn’t play favourites…

Oscar is a servant to the eye, playing nice with his mother, when he quits tormenting his brother and sister. Today is Sunday, and Agnes’ brother Rolf and his family are invited for lunch.

The Myhr family is one of the smallest of the original families. Evert was a CAS teen and grew up without his CAS mother, who married into the Mattsson clan. Therefore, his half-sister Thea is a Mattsson descendant and the only Myhrs are Evert’s two children Rolf and Agnes and their children.

However, the only ones who keep the Myhr name is Rolf, his wife Britta and their two daughters Ulrika and Alva.

The main attraction for today should really be the twins’ birthday, but it gets over-shadowed by the birth of yet another baby or two.

It’s only one baby, and as a consequence it’s a girl. She’s born on September 16th ’77 8.46pm, and gets Popular name no 71 – Svea. That should be the most Swedish name of all, since a nickname for Sweden is Moder Svea – Mother Svea.

There’s a big risk she’s a clone of Oscar, since j68 forgot to randomize her. Additionally, she’s only Rodiek child number four, so we’ll have to go through this again, at least once.

Anyway, we’re getting rid of the toddlers now! Saga first. And then Vidar. I don’t even know if the father or the child stinks the most.

Vidar immediately (after a bath) starts playing video games, and we find that his True Hobby is NOT Games.
Saga crawls into her parents’ bed before we can get a picture of her.

The first day the three elder kids all go to school, Agnes finally finds time to get dressed and to do some housework. Svea is sleeping in her crib.
She even finds some time to play with her long forgotten handgame.

She also applies for a job as a Prep Cook in the Culinary career. It will go perfectly together with her Culinary hobby.

Saga brings Emmy Benett with her home, but Vidar entertains her. Instead Saga beats Oscar to the computer. He deserves it due to the bullying of her that he did when she was little.

Kevin arrives home early, fired due to cheating with replacing some specimens. The family’s collected funds are now exactly 0§, and they still don’t own a bookcase or have beds for all their children. Good thing Svea won’t be outgrowing her crib for a while.

At the same time, we get evidence that Saga is a brilliant little girl, and tops her grades before any of her brothers.

Luckily for Svea, Vidar won 225§ in a spelling contest today, so the family can afford a birthday cake for her.

Svea grows up into a pretty dress, and reveals that she’s not a clone of any of her siblings. She’s an extremely playful and extremely active Sagittarius, and she’s got a blond hair recessive gene, like Oscar. The others have a red recessive from Mormor Marita.


Långhed after round 21:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek
Saga Rodiek
Vidar Rodiek
Svea Rodiek


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