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Fallåsen year 75-79, Serial Dater

Previously at Fallåsen, Noel slept with his sister-in-law Annika and the ripe Opal, but not with Jessica Picaso. He started to warm up Marie-Helen Hamilton and got promoted to Coach.

Marie-Helen stayed the night in the hottub, while Noel tried to sleep his flu off.


He didn’t succeed, but Marie-Helen was ready for some hot lips, so that’s a good thing.

She’s not ready for the next step though. What did you think “woohoo” meant, Marie-Helen?!


In the evening after work, Noel invites Cecilia Melinder to a date at the gym. She comes dressed for the occasion. She thinks Noel is superhot, but is a bit of a tease, pretending to keep him at armlength’s distance.

Soon, she’s like wax in his hands, when he works his magic on her


They even become best friends in the process. Cecilia agrees to come home with Noel, and she seems to know what “woohoo” means.

On his day off, Noel introduces himself to the mailwoman Carola Cormier (the Cormiers are a big townie family!), for possible future pleasures. There’s no spark.


So, instead he invites Marie-Helen on a homedate, and decides to take it slowly with her, not to upset her like last time. She seems to be a delicate flower.

Apparently it was a correct approach, since she takes the initiative to some heavy make-out on the couch. Meanwhile, his friend Sebastian and his mother (!) call his answering machine, but fortunately he doesn’t pick up. If I was with a guy who picked up his mother’s call in this situation, we would be through! ;)


In the evening, Ricky calls to invite Noel on an outing. While arriving to the club, we find Caroline, the mother of Noel’s son Alexander, there. Noel is glad to see her, but there will be no new conquers if she’s here!

So, since there will be no new flirts tonight, Noel spends some time with his mother, who is part of the outing. How uncool is that?!


The next morning, he invites his college Professor Rosén and makes his magic on her
In the middle of his quite successful date with the professor, this lovely three-bolter named Anneli passed by the house. “What’s wrong with working on many fronts?” Noel asks himself, and gets no sensible answer. Therefore, he invites her, too.

In the evening he invites Professor back. He has a tendency to forget to feed his dates, so they skip out on him. Now Professor has been at home to have a bite we hope. Eating is a waste of time to a serial dater like Noel.
And after a couple of hours work, he gets her where he wants her. She’s number 11. This will take a while...

Anneli is back. She hardly makes it past the mailbox before Noel is all over her. Score no 12!

Friday, Noel has to go back to work, but it doesn’t hurt much that he reaches the TOC of the Athletics career at age 36. 1p!


He celebrates by inviting the next three-bolter in his phonebook – Sara Brode. Even our casanova seems to be a bit taken aback by her fierce dancing moves.
She doesn’t let him slow dance closely with her, but she’s initiating some couch woohoo. I guess she was after only one thing... She’s Noel’s no 13, which makes him come closer to his father’s numbers, but he’s still behind.

His father Cristopher met his mother Thea in college. Thea is the first born-in-game sim, which means that Noel and his brother Simon are generation 3, and their respective children Alexander and Cecilia are generation 4’s.


Fallåsen after round 21:
Noel Bardh


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