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Norrbo year 75-79, Culinary Success

Previously at Norrbo, Åsa moved in after college. She cooked and ate Grilled Cheese and woohoo'ed with Noel Bardh. She also won a cooking contest and spent some time with her family, and a hot guy named Gunnar. Finally, she accepted a job as an Excutive Chef.

After her first day of work, Åsa invites a new neighbour, Isabelle, for a lunch of Grilled Cheese.


Isabelle must be the nicest sim alive, or a fellow Grilled Cheese lover, since she seems to enjoy the conversation. Åsa looks a bit masculine in her work uniform, maybe it’s time for a make-over to something more feminine.


Here’s her new look. Åsa is satisfied. 

Damn sporks of steel! Åsa gets fired from a bad chance card. Well, well, more time to max culinary enthusiasm.

To cheer herself up, Åsa invites some people over for some Grilled Cheese. It works perfectly, since everyone eats her meal with a good appetite.

Sunday morning she’s booty calling Gunnar Flyckt. He’s still in college, but it doesn’t stop him from pleasing Åsa once in a while.
Apparently they never went this far before… Åsa is a good girl.

Then for the Family Sunday, of which we stole the idea from eien_herrison . Summon all parents, siblings and nieces and let them roam freely and build their own relations.

In Åsa’s case, cook them all Grilled Cheese!

It starts raining, so the gathering is kept inside. The main events are kicky ball and grilled Cheese discussions.

Uh-oh! Unprotected woohoo takes its toll. We might have a blond baby in this hood soon!

Åsa maxes her Culinary enthusiasm, but sadly no points for that, since she already maxed Music before.

By the way, Åsa’s mother Maja must be related to j68’s mother. Maja, you were here YESTERDAY. It has NOT been “a while” since you heard from Åsa!

With her first pop, Åsa gets that terrible hair again, and a craving for something else than Grilled Cheese apparently – she’s cooking herself a Lobster Termidor
And we leave you with a second pop. Mother and baby are fine, and the ETA is October ’80.


Norrbo after round 21:
Åsa Benett


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