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Downtown year 75-79, A Broadway Star

This is a new lot. We last saw Anita when she graduated from University in 74.

Anita Jernelid finished her University education.


Even though she was invited there by David Lind, they didn’t end up together, but she moved to her own small house downtown.

The house is actually not so small. It’s an abandoned Asylum, so the decoration leaves some things to be desired. Not to mention the landscaping. However, it was an as-is-bargain and even two genie lamps were included! There’s also a rumour of a ghost, but Anita doesn’t give the rumour much credit.

Anita makes an effort with the sponge, to make the dump livable. She’s a Fortune Gemini with an LTW to become a Prestidigitator, and her true hobby is Sports. She turns on from elders in glasses and turns off from make-up.

She recently graduated from college, SCL in Drama.

After a couple of hours cleaning, Anita gets bored and invites Louise over. They are the best of friends, and always got along perfectly when in college.


Her old boyfriend Michael Dalton asks her on a date to the nightclub, and she accepts.
He talks her into woohooing in the photobooth, but she not really pleased with herself when the deed is done.

Michael even gets a hands-on lecture by Mrs Crumplebottom.
They decide to finish up the date at home instead. It’s not their first time, but the cinematics are nice, so why not?

Apart from a moment’s insanity during the date with Michael, when she hoped to get married to him, Anita is a sensible woman. She mostly wishes for skills and new stuff, which is understandable. She could use some new clothes, too.

While downtown shopping for new clothes, Anita ends up cooking burgers and hotdogs for all the neighbourhood. First batch she couldn’t even touch herself before it was gone.

With her new clothes, Anita also decides on a new hairdo, or rather, undo. J68 thinks she looks fabulous!


Oscar Törnblad passes by one day and Anita invites him for spaghetti, but she doesn’t like him very much. She has still not found her desired job in the Entertainment field, and the cash is running low.

Luckily Anita is a Fortune sim and can give financial advice over the internet and earn some money.

Finally, she finds a job as a Broadway-star and she will start earning some serious money!
The house is still depressing, but it will be better with time!

After one day of work, where she turned down a part that didn’t appeal to her, she is contracted to play Ophelia and gets a bonus of 50.000§! Time to make some renovations to the Asylum!

To celebrate her success, Anita invites her closest friends to a party. David Lind wants to congratulate her in a special way... This can end in a disaster! Gerd, David’s wife, is also invited.

Luckily, David and Anita come to their senses and get out of bed before anything happens.

But suddenly it’s appearant that David have more skeletons in his closet. Professor Korn, who stands behind him now, just jumped into his arms and hugged him. Gerd was furious of course, and Anita is stunned!

Maybe it wasn’t David that was crazy, but Professor Korn. Seconds after the first debacle she tries to jump into the arms of Anita’s friend Jennifer, too.

Jennifer: “Are you completely nuts, woman?!”
Professor Korn: “Please, whatever-your-name-is, I love you! Don’t turn me down!”

Gerd: ”I will have you committed, you homewrecking old bat!”
Professor Korn: “Such hostility is unbecoming of a young lady as yourself!”

Louise, Gerd’s sister, and Monica, their cousin, are backing Gerd up.

Professor Korn doesn’t give up.

Professor Korn: “Ah, Elisabet! You are so beautiful, please let me kiss you!”
Elisabet: “Get off of me you crazy old hag, or I’ll give you a lesson in Kung Fu!”
Professor Korn: “Well, that didn’t go as planned...”

Later, all the others are inside. Professor Korn makes a move on Anita, too.
Professor Korn: “Ah, Anita, you are so beautiful, please let me kiss you!”
Anita: “Well, thank you, Professor Korn”
J68:   O_O

That Professor should really have her head checked!

Downtown after round 21:
Anita Jernelid


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