jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Myren - The Myhr family

Myren is a ready-built Maxis-house and the inhabitants are

Berit Myhr - the grandmother
Berit is a first generation elder with a romance aspiration. She's got a Lifetime Wish connected to some carrer, don't remember which one, but that won't happen.

Evert Myhr - the grandson
Evert is a fortune sim with the Lifetime Wish of owning 5 top businesses. I have never succeeded in getting even one business to top level, so we'll see. His sign is Capricorn if I remember correctly.

Lena Myhr - the mother
Lena is the most beatiful of the sims in Mattsmyra, with very fine cut facial features. You will see it later on in the story. Lena is a fortune sim, and her Lifetime Wish is to become a Sport's Legend.

Tags: myren
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