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Järvsö year 78-79, Never Alone

This is a new lot. Märta was last seen graduating from Uni in 77.

Märta Sandvall, being a Popularity sim, starts off her adult life with a party in her new house Järvsö (Wolverine Island).

She managed to get 16 friends while in Uni, and is only 4 away from her LTW of having 20 simultaneous best friends. Therefore, she invites only people that are not her best friends yet. The blonds, Noel and Gunnar, are hot!

Next, she invites her family. They start the smustling already outside the house!

Märta is the eldest daughter of Barbro (Montell) and David Sandvall. Her sister Annika is a teen and her brothers Oliver and Pontus are children and they all live with their parents still. Märta is cousins with My, who we just visited.

Märta is a real Popularity sim. In the evening, she gets invites to an outing with one of her Uni boyfriends, Lars-Erik Knutsson.
They go to the Botanical Restaurant, but no one eats anything.

Instead the gang comes home with Märta and have home made spaghetti. And that is as exciting as it gets in Märta's life her first two days of adulthood.

Järvsö after round 21:
Märta Sandvall


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