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Mattsgården year 80-84, Good Girl Jenny

Previously at Mattsgården, Agnes wrote books. Jenny learned to walk and other toddler skills. Then she grew up to child. Georg was skilling, meeting friends and worked in his Education career. Jenny sold lemonade and played with friends and cousins.

Welcome back to a new season of Mattsmyra. We will follow the inhabitants through the late summer and early autumn, at least for the first houses. The seasons become later after Lottefors (lot 6)

We start as we usually do at Mattsgården, with Georg Mattsson maxing his Cleaning skill. Since he’s a Knowledge sim, he loves to learn new stuff. The only thing he would need to know but cannot learn, is to cook comfort soup. The flu is going around!

His wife Agnes is unemployed, or rather a self-employed children’s books author. However, she would like to get a job outside the house, in the Slacker career, but there are no openings.

Their daughter Jenny is an only child, so far, and she works hard in school. She wants to get top grades and to do her homework. She’s a really good little girl, just a bit grumpy.

Georg is child number three, eldest son of CAS toddler Loke Mattsson and his wife Barbara. Jenny has 8 cousins on her father’s side

Agnes is the youngest daughter of CAS child Maria Berg and her husband Orlando Ceder. Jenny has three cousins, all girls, on her mother’s side.

Jenny brings home a friend from school, a boy who is not related to her – Vidar Rodiek.

Jenny and Vidar swim in the pool until Georg comes home promoted to College Dean of Students. He’s closing in on his LTW which is to become the Education Minister.

Jenny helps out with the gardening, too, before the school bus arrives.

She even volonteers to make her bed before school. This kid is not normal!

Agnes still hasn’t found a job in the Slacker career, but starts a new book instead. It’s a book of nursery rhymes

Today it’s cousin Emmy who comes home with Jenny after school. She’s a social little girl, too!

Then Georg arrives home, promoted to Education Minister, which was his LTW! 2p! He reaches his goal at age 39. Now he wants to become a Criminal Mastermind.

That night, Agnes finally finds an opening in her desired Slacker career as a web designer. She’s very happy!

Being at the top never prevented a Knowledge sim from skilling, so Georg maxes his charisma skill just for fun.

Since Agnes’ work schedule starts with four days off, she’s inviting her brother-in-law Patric Carlsson. He is married to Georg’s sister Emilia. Agnes, who is a Romancer, finds him two bolts hot! Fortunately, she doesn't act on it.

Jenny likes sports, and spends some hours kicking the sand sack. All of a sudden, she maxes her body skill!

And Georg maxes his Mechanical skill. He never stops skilling, this man.

And by morning, he earns his las Cooking point and thereby is fully learned and reches his IW. 3p!

Saturday, Jenny wants to sell lemonade, but the only one buying is her mother. Why is it always like that?

Saturday night it’s Jenny’s birthday. She will become a teen tonight. May we dare hope that we don’t get another Romancer in this hood?

And the red romance die says that we will have a Popularity girl! Amazing!

It fits perfectly that it’s Sunday on Jenny’s first day as a teen. It’s family Sunday! All the sisters and brothers of her parents, and all her cousins, except toddlers and babies, are invited! 19 people!

The lemonade business works better with the lot full of people. Jenny still likes to sell lemonade, even though she’s a teen now.

And while Jenny keeps the family occupied in the front, Georg and Agnes enjoy a moment in the hottub together.

Then it's time for lunch.

The get-together forms into a pool party in the afternoon, and most of the relatives are still present at dinner time, when spare ribs are served. And thereby the round is over. See you next time!

Mattsgården after round 22:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson


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