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Myren year 80-84, Extreme Personality

Previously at Myren, Marita and Ulrika was bonding to the end. Marita died at age 81. Britta got VERY unexpectedly pregnant and gave birth to Alva at age 52, despite having the flu and getting hit by lightning! Ulrika grew up to a Knowledge teenager, found that she was bisexual and got her first kiss, from a boy. She was accepted in Private school. Rolf did nothing except being promoted to Broadway Star.

Britta loves her baby Alva, who was meant to be, very much.

However, being a slob, she doesn't change diapers.

Rolf hates to work out, and luckily he will never have to do it again, since he maxed his body skill today!

When Britta arrives home from work, Rolf and her start a home date again. In the middle of the date they both turn elders, while Ulrika arranges her little sister’s birthday party.

When Britta plans to go to bed, the double bed is already occupied, by her teenaged daughter Ulrika and a WOMAN named Molly. Ulrika, you have a boyfriend, remember?

With the ladies safely chased out of bed, it’s time for the main event of the evening – Alva’s birthday.

Alva turns out to be an extremely neat, playful and nice Capricorn, with an unfortunate underbite.
Nevertheless, we get a cuteness overload when Alva starts playing with the teddy bear that lives in the living room. Every Pleasure house has a teddy bear!

Rolf gets demoted to Supporting Player due to him playing computer games on his lunch hour. That’s a bit harsh I must say.

In this house nothing happens, except Rolf and Britta dating all the time. Sometimes, though, Rolf wants to have a sports party, and today he invited Emilia Carlsson among others. He has been in love with her since their college days, but now she apparently said something that made him lose his crush on her. It’s about time!

Meanwhile, family oriented Faster Agnes takes care of Alva, who is a bit neglected and filthy.

Rolf is son to CAS teen Evert Myhr and has one sister, Agnes. Agnes has four children that are cousins to Ulrika and Alva. Rolf also has an aunt alive, Thea Bardh, and two cousins of his own, Thea’s sons Simon and Noel.

Always dating, and still, EVERY time Rolf and Britta dates, Rolf wants to fall in love with the college cheer leader Linn. He never came over her either. He lives in his college years still, even at his ripe age.

It’s Ulrika’s last night at home, and she spends it with her boyfriend Aron Wern. They will both head off to Uni this round.

It’s also Alva’s birthday again! Happy birthday, Alva!

And she spends the rest of the party playing video games with Kostas, the headmaster of the private school. However, he’s not here to accept Alva in his school, but as a friend to the family. Even headmasters have private friends!

Ulrika wraps her scolarships up and heads off to University. See you there, but first already tomorrow on Family Sunday!

Rolf comes home promoted to Broadway star again, and is met by his late father Evert. Evert is usually a good ghost, just floating around without bothering anyone.

Extended family Sunday! Rolf’s sister Agnes and her family, plus Rolf’s cousins and aunt Thea, including Cecilia, Ulrika and Alva’s second cousin.

The sisters, with the big age difference, bond in front of the TV. Saga, their cousin, and Noel, their Father’s cousin, join them.

Ulrika enjoys her Sunday with her family and stay until the small hours in the morning, before heading back to Uni to start her education.

Myren after round 22:
Rolf Myhr
Britta Myhr
Alva Myhr


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