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Korskrogen year 81-84, Inception

Previously at Korskrogen, Caroline started a garden in hopes of getting a wishing well, but the Garden Club cut the inspection short due to a lightning strike and refused to come back.
Cousin Stina, who lives here too, adopted two dogs and worked in her career in Education.
Livia, Caroline's mother and Stina's aunt died in Platinum at an age of 76. Caroline gave birth to her son Alexander, who's father is Noel Bardh. Noel was invited and took the news very well and started bonding immediately. Caroline started holding the hands of her female friends to earn loves, and Alexander grew up to toddler.

Caroline Johansson tries to be a better mother for her son Alexander, than her own mother was for her.


Caroline: “Say Mamma, Gubben!”
Alexander: “...”

Caroline is a Romance sim with an LTW to have 20 simultaneous loves. Alexander is the fruit of one of the loves, Noel Bardh. Noel does not live here.

Stina, Caroline’s cousin, gets promoted to College Professor. She is a Family sim with no wishes for a family, at least not so far. She concentrates on her LTW to become the Education Minister.

Soon enough it’s Alexander’s birthday. His father Noel is here, and his pregnant aunt Åsa, who just had a make-out session with Noel. It’s not his baby, though. We think.

For his birthday, Alexander got the same shirt as Noel has. He looks very much like his father, except the hair colour.

When Alexander goes to school for his first day, Caroline continues to check off her aquaintance list and transform them into loves. However, Zacharias needs some more work, he’s just a crush, so far.

The readers might recall that Caroline’s attempt last round to earn a wishing well was cut short by a fire. Now they are ready to give her a try. Problem is that it’s autumn now and there are leaves on the ground...

Well, she succeeded in getting accepted and the garden Club liked the landscaping, but apparently the garden wasn’t top notch, since she received no wishing well. It could have been handy.

Just as Caroline yet again shows her good mothering skill, by teaching Alexander how to study, Daniel, Stina’s father, Caroline's uncle, decides to show off.

Caroline is the only dauther to Livia Johansson. Her father is Robin Logren, former townie teen. Livia had a son, Max, who got taken as a kid and adopted by Stina’s father Daniel’s lover Maja. Maja is the mother of Stina’s half-sister Åsa, who attended Alexander’s birthday.

Finally, love number 8. This will take forever!

Sometimes it happens that this unconventional family has a somewhat ordinary dinner together. Today, the gardener is invited, since he’s working very hard with Caroline’s extensive garden. The topic of conversation is some random chef’s hotness. It might not be appropriate for a 7-year-old.

Saturday, Janeiro the dog grows up to adult. The dogs are living mostly off camera, and don’t interact with each other or the humans.

Saturday is also play date day. Alexander spends his day playing tag with Saga Rodiek.

Stina never has any romantic wishes, but she does have wishes for friends. Right now they are revolving around Elisabeth Burlin (born Mattsson). They are collegues in the Education career and Elisabeth came home with Stina one day. Now they are building a friendship, meeting almost every day.

In the evening, suddenly Caroline starts waving her arms and rises from the computer to pop! Huh, had no idea! On the other hand, she DID meet Noel again the other day. He is the only one she sleeps with, she just flirts and makes out with others. So, it seems Alexander will have a little brother or sister, if Caroline can hold on to this pregnancy.

Family Sunday!

Not particularly family friendly activities going on in the hot tub. Alexander’s Farmor Thea is astonished about what the youth today is capable of. (Luckily she's not aware of what Alexander's Farfar Cristopher Bardh is up to behind her back)

Max: ”Wasn’t this supposed to be Family Sunday? You’re indecent!”
Caroline: “Look who’s talking, the guy who just played siamese twins in the hottub”
Noel: “I know what you mean!”

When Noel gets out of bed with Alexander’s mother, he also has some time to spend with his son. They have an intense discussion about modern toys. Or maybe movies.

Alexander: “Well, that spinny thing wobbled in ‘Inception’, but it never stopped spinning. I’m pretty sure he ended up in limbo in the end. Just look at the kids, they were way to small when he finally met them!”
Noel: “Are you old enough to see that movie at all?!”


Korskrogen after round 22:
Stina Johansson
Caroline Johansson
Alexander Johansson
Rio, the mini-pincher
Janeiro, the mini-schnauzer


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