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University year 80-82

University year 75-76
University year 77-79

With the new year at Helsinge nation, we jump right in with both feet.


Rut: “Elisabet, I don’t know why you’re so upset with Marcus. Him cheating on you gave you the opportunity to love Johannes, too, and two loves is twice as good as one, don’t you think?”
Elisabet: “There’s a llama saluting me now”
Marcus: “Zzzz”

Then back to our usual program of dancing moves

and woohoo. Sebastian is SO happy that Rut is of age at last. There might even be a future for these two.

Also a usual occurance is that someone gets jealous. In this case it is Rut’s MOTHER Elisabeth, married to Kevin B. Once upon a time she was a Romancer and had a story with Sebastian. Later she changed into a Family aspiration, but she never forgot him apparently. Well, it’s a good thing she got over him now, in time for her daughter to take care of him instead.

Then the resident Elisabet (without an H) gets lectured for breaking the computer in the middle of term paper season

Marcus and Elin finally end up in bed together one night, even though she thought better not to touch him last round. He’s a Romance sim in disguise, he’s supposed to be a Knowledge sim!

Strangely enough, Monica doesn’t appreciate Marcus’ adventures and smacks him up.

Maybe this is for the better anyway, since j68 plan is to marry Marcus and Elisabet. So, since Monica isn’t in love with him anymore, and Elin graduates soon, we might get back on track with the original plan.

Or not… Marcus! What am I supposed to do with you?! I guess only future will tell...

Sometimes there are calm moments at the Greek House, too, believe it or not. With Monica and Elisabet both being family sims, usually one of them are cooking comfort soup, to cure themselves and all the frequent guests of the flu that is always circulating.

Then the year 80 is over and Louise graduates MCL in Drama. She’s looking forward to move in with her lover My and start a career in Athletics. Good luck, Louise!

Her graduation picture turned out really good, and we see her here with her lover My at the starting point of their lives together!

Left in the greek house are:
Elin Tång, Knowledge, Physics Senior SCL
Elisabet Hartwig, Family, History Junior MCL
Marcus Montell, Knowledge, Economy Junior MCL
Monica Berg, Family, Literature Junior SCL
Rut Mattsson, Fortune, Mathematics Junior MCL


Year 81 The Dorms

Annika Sandvall, one of the 14 Montell cousins, arrive to the dorms with her mother Barbro.

Annika grew up in a very fitting top for a Family sim, with a teddy on it. Her LTW is to marry off 6 children and that means she will not declare any major until she explicitly wishes for one.

Her cousins Oscar and Wilhelm Törnblad arrives shortly after Annika. Wilhelm grows up badly. I don’t know what’s up with that, he’s platinum upon entry of the dorms.

Oscar is a Popularity sim with an LTW to become a Hall of Famer, thus choosing a Drama major. His brother Wilhelm is a Pleasure sim with an LTW to become a Game designer, and therefor chooses a Mathematics major (since there is no such thing as Computer Science in sims)

Then the try-outs for the Greek House starts. Oscar tried it first, but got all five members to schmooze, and he never met any of them. When Annika came from class she made her call and got only two members, whereof she already knows Monica well enough.

No favouritism despite the fact that Marcus is another one of the Montell cousins, but Annika is accepted on her own merits.

New try-out session for Oscar, and he gets all five members again!

And he misses with 2 DR-points to Rut, who makes fun of him. She’s not a very nice girl!

Then it's Wilhelm's turn. He gets only two members. Strange things happen behind Marcus' back. It's Rut, showing off for some random dormie.

Wilhelm is quickly accepted too. Now it’s only a matter of Oscar getting accepted, before they all can move to the Greek House.

The next day, all five are back again, since it’s Oscar’s turn for the third time to try for Helsinge Nation. However, today he can concentrate on Rut, since all others have high enough points.

And finally Oscar is accepted. He takes the news with a stone face. He looks so much like his father Allan, rarely smiles, and rather shy, and with the same facial features, too.

Elisabet cheers for him instead.

Helsinge Nation year 81

Now the faithful old Greek House is full again, and the newcomers next year has to wait until Marcus and the other ‘82 graduates leave before they can come here.
Luckily the newcomers this year are all cousins to Marcus and he will have no opportunity to complicate his life further with their help. I.e., he will not sleep with them.

Upon arrival to the house, Annika has decided that she wants to major in Literature, and registers her choice with the Dean.

Year 81 at the Greek House is completely eventless, so eventless that there are no pictures taken at all. At the end of the second semester we start take random pictures of every day events, like Elisabet and Oscar throwing an American football.

Or Marcus and Wilhelm playing with the electronic entertainment that is available in the house.

Monica having a salad for lunch without taking her outer clothes off…

… or an occasional dinner of Comfort Soup

This goes on until Elin graduates Summa Cum Laude in Physics and the year 81 is over.

For obvious reasons Elin takes her graduation picture with Marcus. She is not destined to marry him, though, she will move back to Mattsmyra and move in with her alien sister Vera and start her second LTW of becoming a Mad Scientist.

That leaves us with seven sims still living in the Greek House, namely the trio of sophomore cousins:

Annika Sandvall, Family, Literature SCL
Oscar Törnblad, Popularity, Drama SCL
Wilhelm Törnblad, Pleasure, Mathematics SCL

And the Senior quartet:

Monica Berg, Family, Literature SCL
Marcus Montell, Knowledge, Economy MCL
The empty chair representing Elisabet Hartwig, Family, History MCL
Rut Mattsson, Fortune, Mathematics MCL


Year 82 – The Dorms

Love Carlsson arrives to the dorms accompanied by his mother Emilia. Love, which is pronounced Lou-veh, has very sharp facial features and striking colours. He’s a Fortune sim with an LTW to become a Hall of Famer, and has a taste for men. He started a relationship with Oscar Törnblad when they were in their teens and now it might be time to reconnect.

Sharing the dorm with Love this freshman year are the Wern brothers. Adam in a red shirt is a straight Pleasure sim with an LTW of becoming a Game Designer. Aron in the purple shirt is a bisexual Fortune sim with an LTW to earn 100.000§.

Aron’s intended is Ulrika Myhr, who will arrive to Uni officially in a couple of years (but she’s lurking in another dorm at the moment)

Adam’s intended is Annika Sandvall who lives in the Greek House, if they can get along. Otherwise he might end up with Lena Berg who arrives next year officially (also lurking at the moment)

Love, who looks like a Russian villain, is the first one to try for Helsinge Nation. As his boyfriend before him, he gets five members to schmooze and he doesn’t know any of them before. He will probably not be accepted at first try.

In the middle of the try-outs, we find Marcus and Elisabet in bed together. Apparently she forgave him for his wild oats and he found his way back to her. We’ll see if it’ll last until we get to the Greek House...

Love doesn’t make it the first time, as expected, but he doesn’t give up, but asks for a second try the same day. He still gets five members, but it’s the same ones, so he’s on his way.

This was a new one! Marcus rejects Rut for woohoo, even tough he crawled into bed with her willingly. Are you growing up, Marcus?!

With some gay talk about make-up, Love is accepted in the Greek House. Marcus didn't bother to wear his toga today.


When it's Adam's turn to try for the Greek House, he starts the schmozzing with his intended, Annika Sandvall. There's no spark whatsoever between them. Quite the opposite actually, so we'll have to reconsider the match-making.

During Aron’s try-outs, Marcus Montell messes up his life once again by flirting with Monica in front of his other two lovers. He gets slapped up by both Elisabet and Rut, and Aron doesn’t stand a chance in getting into the Greek House.

Next try for Adam is successful, and his cousin Monica is the last one to schmooze. J68 just realized that Adam will not be able to pair up with Lena Berg, who is Monica’s little sister, since she his cousin too! The relationships in Mattsmyra start to get complicated.

The next time Aron calls for a try-out, Wilhelm and Monica ends up in bed together. This was actually a possible match identified by J68, and now they confirmed it themselves. We’ll see if it lasts.

Then it’s Oscar and Love’s turn to seal their future relationship. Ah, they are so cute!

Finally, after the third or fouth try, Aron is accepted in Helsinge Nation. Again, it’s cousin Monica who is the last one to approve. He has wished for this since the day he set foot on campus, and now it’s soon time for his first finals! He has to make a sign of victory with his fingers!

All the boys make their finals SCL. Adam celebrates by booty calling his teenage date Vanessa, who was supposed to be left behind in townie-dom.

The Wern brothers do not agree with the future plans J68 made up for them. The plan was that Adam would marry Annika, and Aron would marry Ulrika.

Now when they’re all in Uni, it seems it would be better to do the opposite. On the other hand, Adam has two bolts for Annika’s sister Märta, who is 10 years older than him... We’ll see.

Love wants to write a bestseller. In order to sell the best, it needs to be written first. He starts a book about how to make money from sports, sports enthusiastic Fortune sim as he is.

After the year ’82 we leave the dorms and the not very best looking sims ever seen in Mattsmyra’s history. However, they are very successful, and here we have them:

Love Carlsson, Fortune, Drama Sophomore, SCL
Aron Wern, Fortune, Economy Sophomore, SCL
Adam Wern, Pleasure, Physics Sophomore, SCL

Helsinge Nation year ‘82

Monica Berg is a bit behind the other inhabitants in her semester time, so I sent her to a community lot to spend some time. When arriving on the lot, the Uni lurkers Ulrika and Lena are there, and also Ulrika’s near-lover Molly. And suddenly, the love sound is heard, and we see hearts floating over the heads of Ulrika and Molly. This will continue to be a complicated Uni round...

When Monica is back from class, she spends some time with her little sister, who looks forward to her Uni years very much.

Flashback from the beginning of the Uni period for Marcus and Elisabet.

Marcus: “I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again! I’m not even attracted to Monica!”
Elisabet : ...

The source of the fallout, Monica, is not particularly interested in Marcus, she never was. Mostly it has been him initiating the contacts. Especially now, since she discovered Wilhelm Törnblad, she’s not going back to Marcus. We hope.

However, the next thing we see is this: Wilhelm is all over Rut, and she likes it! This group is hopeless this year! What should we do?

Rut, what do you say?

Rut: ”I want to invite Sebastian over. I want to play with Sebastian. I want to flirt with Sebastian. I want to talk to Sebastian. And bet on a pool game”
J68: “OK, I get your drift, you have had a thing going with him for years. Could you please keep to him then, you’re not a Romancer!”
Rut: “Well, you know, Wilhelm, you’re nice and all, but...”

In the meantime, Elisabet found a new playmate. It’s Lars-Erik, who has been a non-resident member of the Greek House for ages. I must say that this generation’s Family girls are really promiscous. Luckily none of them have the Golden Anniversary LTW.

Although, the last day of winter, Wilhelm pops the question to Monica right after her jogging session. They will not be married though, not until she produces at least one Berg heir.

When spring comes, we have some progress between Aron Wern and Annika Sandvall. Love looks a bit embarrassed.

The graduation parties start with Marcus, graduating MCL in Economy. He will move back to the family farm and start looking for a job in the SCIA.

Before he leaves, he also proposes to Elisabet. It has been a shaky ride, but finally, they settled.

And with a very overexposed photo, Marcus says goodbye to college life forever!

Then it’s Elisabet’s turn to graduate, MCL in History. She will move in with her fiancé Marcus and start making babies so that she eventually can fulfill her LTW of having 6 grand-children.

Off she goes!

Next in line is Rut Mattsson, born and raised on campus. She graduates MCL in Mathematics and will finally move to Mattsmyra, for the first time in her life. She will move in with Sebastian Montell, Mattsmyra’s hottest widower and she will start looking for a job in the Architectural career.

Hey! This was not according to plan! And Lena, you’re married!

Luckily, Rut didn’t see it, or we might have had to change the plans for her. Her graduation picture turned out to be all white, but she took it with Sebastian and left.

The last graduate of ’82 is Monica Berg, SCL in Literature. She will move back to Roteberg, the fourth original house out of five, and start making babies, to eventually fulfill her LTW of having 6 grandchildren.

During Monica’s party, Aron and Annika goes all the way, and raises the party score considerably.

Now Monica is all grown up, and takes her graduation picture with her fiancé Wilhelm, who will stay behind for another two years.

That leaves us with three students in the Greek House:
Wilhelm Törnblad, Pleasure, Mathematics Junior, SCL
Oscar Törnblad, Popularity, Drama Junior, SCL
Annika Sandvall, Family, Literature Junior, SCL

Before the continuation of this round, the three boys from the dorms, Love Carlsson and Aron and Adam Wern will move in to the house, too.


A long and winding road, and still we're only half-way through Uni for round 22!


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