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Roteberg year 80-84, Switching Sisters

Previously at Roteberg, Patrik accepted a job in Politics to start his second career. Lena grew up to Romance teen and changed her hair into a pink cotton candy bob. Monica took advantage of her friend Marcus and got her first kiss (the effects of that has been seen in the college update) and left for Uni. Lena found a three-bolter at the mall and got her first kiss from him. Susanne wrote about Dr Susanne and advanced in her Music career. Kompis, the kitten, grew up to an adult cat.


Susanne works on in her second career, which is Music.

She just got promoted to Concert Pianist, and brought a friend home at 3am.

Then she inherits some money from Maximilian, who died last round. Roteberg is the richest house in the entire Mattsmyra, so it’s not like she needs the money, but it was nice of Maximilian to think about Susanne in his will.

Lena is still living in her parents’ house. Last round she met a three-bolt guy in some store, and now she’s working her charms on him. His name is Thomas, but he will probably be left behind in this story. Lena is a Romancer as you might remember.

Patrik, Susanne’s husband and Lena’s father, is quite the Rock God, playing away on the giant guitar set that Susanne brought home from work.

He’s not equally skilled in cooking, though, and sets himself on fire on a regular basis.

Susanne finishes her fourth book on Dr Susanne. As usual it’s a bestseller, and as usual, Susanne wants to quit her day job after she gets the news.

She also starts a new book immediately. A suicide bomber makes a mess, which in the end results in a lot of money for Dr Susanne.

May I introduce to you, Senator Mellberg, who’s very close to his LTW of becoming the Mayor of Mattsmyra.

Then he grows up very well to look like an elderly farmer. I guess it’s since he’s forced to wear a suit to work that he wants to relax at home.

The next day at work, Susanne gets demoted to studio musician due to her saying ok to a movie marathon with a work mate. Damn chance cards!

Lena will be heading off to Uni tonight, but first, she makes a few pliés, which makes her max her Music&Dance enthusiasm and earn a plaque. 1p!

She should have chosen a track suit that looked better with her hair, though...

In the evening she’s claiming her scolarships for grades, charisma, creativity and dance and heads off to University. She nearly meets her sister Monica in the door...

…but first, Susanne is promoted back to Concert Pianist just as Lena is leaving.

Year 83-Monica comes home

As soon as she does, she invites Wilhelm Törnblad, her fiancé, over on a date.

The date continues in their underwear…

Susanne comes home promoted to Symphony Conductor, and brings her friend Torbjörn with her as usual.

The aspiration points makes it possible for her to select a secondary aspiration, and she chooses Grilled Cheese.

In the meantime we see that Monica and Wilhelm’s date have been fruitful. Another generation 4 in the making!

In preparation of Family Sunday, we show you the family tree. Susanne is the second daughter to CAS adult Magnus Berg.

Her halfsister Maria was a CAS child. Susanne and her sister Ingeborg’s mother was the well-known townie Jan Tellerman, though her Swedish name is Kim Thulin. Susanne’s husband is Patrik Mellberg (Pao Mellon, I think he’s called), the mailman, and they have daughters Monica, who just graduated from Uni, and Lena, who just started Uni.

Welcome relatives! Now fraternize

During the day, Monica pops for the first time. Then she cooks Comfort soup and serves it to her fiancé Wilhelm, her cousins Agnes and Sofie, and Sofie’s husband Martin, who is Wilhelm’s uncle. All the families in Mattsmyra start to get intertwined.


Roteberg after round 22:
Susanne Mellberg
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Berg
Kompis, the cat


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